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9 Abdominal Exercises To Build Muscle And Shape Up The 6-Pack

9 Abdominal Exercises To Build Muscle And Shape Up The 6-Pack
Shaping your abdominal area is certainly not an easy task if it was everybody could’ve had them. In order to achieve great results diet and exercising are the essentials.

If you want to become closer to the 6-pack and burn that belly fat away, you need to add our 9 abdominal exercises to your workout routine in order to build muscle and shape up your core. All these exercises are surprisingly easy to perform and do not require any additional equipment. And this means that you will not need a new gym membership if your old one has already ended, because you can perform this abdominal workout anytime and anywhere. All you need to succeed is to work out on a regular basis (2-3 times a week), be motivated, and also stick to a healthy diet.

By performing these 9 abdominal exercises, you need to keep your abdomen tight, pulling your belly button back toward your spine and not straining your lower back. Scroll down to see how to perform each exercise in order to avoid injury and stretching!

#1. Crunches


#2. Kneeling crunch

Kneeling crunch

#3. Pretzel knee crunch

Pretzel knee crunch

#4. Dead bug

Dead bug

#5. Static boat

Static boat

#6. Bike crunches

Bike crunches

#7. Plank


#8. Russian twist

Russian twist

#9. Reverse crunch

Reverse crunch