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Yoga postures that tone the bust and prevent sagging

Yoga postures that tone the bust and prevent sagging
In addition to being the most appropriate discipline to achieve a state of inner peace and with the environment, yoga can become one of the best allies when it comes to enlarging the breasts.

It has certain advantages over other methods of breast enlargement, especially those that require the use of a scalpel. It also helps to stay relaxed and release tension, all this without any side effects, contraindications and without risks of any kind. It is a fairly inexpensive practice, especially when practiced at home.

The scope they reach also has its limitations, performing these relaxation exercises will not be able to increase your breasts many sizes above what you already have, and it requires constant and hard practice to start noticing the changes. What you can begin to notice is that your bust will firm up as you progress in the practice of yoga .

Best yoga poses that tone the bust

These positions are useful for toning and increasing the size of the breasts , since carrying them out uses a large part of the muscles that form or affect the breasts. By working directly with those muscles that serve as support and support for the breasts, it is possible to make them firmer, and therefore they will not fall as soon.

Among the best yoga postures that manage to give greater firmness to the breasts are the following:

1. Gomukhasana


Also known as cow face pose, it is a yoga position that helps stimulate breast growth and keep it firm and toned, making it look better.

It consists of sitting on the floor with both legs extended, then the left knee is bent, bringing the heel towards the hip. With the help of your hands, pass your right leg over the other, ensuring that both knees are aligned. The left arm should go over the shoulder, and the right under the shoulder, thus joining both hands behind the back. This posture should be maintained for about 20 seconds between 4 to 5 times.

2. Bhujangasana


Known as the cobra, it is another of the many yoga poses that keep the breasts beautiful and firm , and also increase their volume. This posture consists of lying face down on the mat being careful to stay as straight as possible, then the palms of the hands are supported at the same height as the shoulders, the elbows should be pointing backwards. The body should be kept as relaxed as possible while slowly beginning to lift from the head to the part of the back corresponding to the collarbone. It should be held in this way at least 4 or 5 times for 30 seconds.

3. Ushtrasana


It is a movement that many know as the camel, and it is also very useful when reaffirming the bust , giving them a more stylized shape, while helping to develop their tissue.

The first thing to do is to sit on the mat on your heels, and little by little move to a vertical position, but always on your heels and without taking your feet off the ground. Once the backward tilt is complete, the heels should be held with the hands, and once in that position the abdomen should be pushed out for 25 seconds, 4 to 5 times.

4. Trikonasana


Also known as the triangle pose, and it focuses on strengthening the chest and spine, as well as improving their blood flow. To do this:

Put your feet apart. The left foot will be at a 90 degree angle and the right foot will be at a 15 degree angle. Take your left hand and touch your left ankle. From there, stretch your right arm towards the sky and keep a straight line. Make sure to keep your knees and spine straight as well. Go for your right fingers and then repeat the other side.

5. Virabhadrasana


Also known as the warrior pose , it’s pretty standard in the yoga world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. This also works on the chest.

To do this, start by placing your feet wide apart and parallel to each other. Turn your left foot (the front foot) around 90 degrees, and bend your front knee out. Raise your arms parallel to your legs, and place them in line with your shoulders. Turn your head forward and look over your wrist.

Practice these exercises carefully to avoid injury, and you can combine them with other yoga exercises that have benefits for other health conditions.