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5 Leg Exercises You Can do at Home in Less Than 10 Minutes and Without Equipment

5 Leg Exercises You Can do at Home in Less Than 10 Minutes and Without Equipment

To have a harmonious and strong body it is very important to work all parts of our body, because working all the muscles together will bring us many benefits.

In this article we show you 8 leg exercises to do at home to train the lower body and tone the muscles of the legs: quadriceps, insquiotibiales, abductors, glutes and calves.

The leg muscles have the function of moving and stabilizing the lower extremities. Therefore, strengthening them will greatly benefit leg mobilization.

Leg muscles are at the base of our body and include different joints, numerous bones and muscles that are connected to each other. Well-defined and strong legs will serve to make our body more harmonious and well-proportioned.

You will only need 10 minutes a day to tone your legs with these exercises.

1- Lunge

Lunge workout gif

This exercise will particularly help you to tone your thighs and buttocks.

● You should start standing, with your arms bent in front of you or above your waist.
● Legs are shoulder width apart.
Now take a step forward, with one of your legs. Your torso should be firm and avoid swaying your body.
● Then, you will bend your front leg, without exceeding 90 degrees at the knee. The foot of this leg must be flat, very well supported on the floor.
● Meanwhile, slightly bend the back leg without touching the floor, just touching it. Hold for a few moments.

Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions alternating legs.

2- Squats

Squats workout gif

Squats help to tone legs, buttocks, abdomen and hips, also contributes to maintain the ideal weight, they are excellent for burning calories. If you want to tone your legs, do the following.

● With your back straight and standing, you are going to open your legs to shoulder width.
● Place your arms in front of you so that you can lean forward to propel yourself.
● Then lower your trunk and waist as far as you can, hold it there, and then slowly come back up.

You will perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3- Single leg deadlift

Single leg deadlift workout gif

The single-leg deadlift works hamstrings, which we sometimes forget to include in our exercise routine. This is a practice that allows us to work muscles.

● Stand upright and then lean your body and torso forward, slightly bent towards the floor, while raising one of your legs backwards.
● Your body should form a T-shape.
● The leg that is resting on the floor, which is also your base, should ensure that your back is straight.
● Hold and then slightly lower the leg.
● Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Perform 2 set of 12 repetitions.

4- Bulgarian squat

Bulgarian squat

Which allows us to work the quadriceps and calves, toning legs and buttocks, in addition to working the lower body. It is one of the most effective exercises, hard and requiring resistance. They also help you to exercise your hamstrings.

● In this exercise, you will need a chair.
● You are going to stand with your back to it and rest the instep of your foot on the seat.
● Your other leg will be placed as far as possible bent on the floor, this will be your support in this position.
● Take the dumbbells and lower your body slightly, placing your hip at knee level.
● Hold, raise and repeat.

Do 10 repetitions of each leg in 4 sets.

5- Gluteal bridge

Gluteal bridge

It is an exercise works the buttocks, but it is also ideal for toning the back of legs and strengthening the muscles of trunk. It is a practice that seems simple, but that can make you sweat and exercise your body. In short, you don’t need any machine to do it and the best thing is that it is effective and a little bit focused for beginners.

● Face up on the floor, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the surface.
● Your arms go to your sides.
● Leaning on your feet, lift your buttocks and push upwards.
● From your shoulders to your knees, you should form a straight line.
● Try to stay there for a few seconds, then lower yourself to the floor.

Do 10 repetitions of 3 sets.

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