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The Fastest Calf Slimming Exercises! [4 exercises]

The Fastest Calf Slimming Exercises! [4 exercises]

The calves tend to be one of the most overlooked muscle groups in the lower body. The upper leg muscles (thighs) support the main muscles of your body very well for all kinds of lifting, while the lower leg muscles (calves) have to work extremely hard to stabilize the whole body while moving and perform all kinds of movements, such as twisting, lifting, and lifting. toes, heel descending, or twisting the feet.
It is necessary to strengthen the calf muscles, because they support your every movement and reduce the possible risk of injury or injuries. Probably each of you already knows that during training you must not forget about any muscle group and the same is true for the lower legs.

Strong and beautiful calves not only bring health benefits, but also allow us to look great in short skirts or shorts. Therefore, below I have prepared a few exercises that will improve the appearance of your calves.

Double-Leg Calf Raise – this exercise is extremely easy to perform, but requires focus and balance.

Double-Leg Calf Raise

Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart when doing this exercise. Place your hands on your hips. From this position, slowly lift your body on the toes with your heels off the ground.

Try to lift your body as high as you can on your tiptoes.

If it is difficult to maintain a straight posture, you can prop up walls or chairs. Additionally, you can also perform this exercise with a weight in your hands – then you keep your arms alongside your body.Hold it for 2-3 seconds and return to the starting position, lowering your heels to the ground. Repeat 15 times.

#1. Sprints


#2. Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running

#3. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

#4. Leg Press

Leg Press

#5. Calf Raises

Calf Raises