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Get Killer Legs With This Lower Body Blitz Workout

Get Killer Legs With This Lower Body Blitz Workout

If you want to attract the guys around you mini-skirt legs are a proven way how to do that. The main problem that can occur is that no every woman has killer legs, but here you can find the solution in no time.

By performing a few exercises you can sculpt your buttocks, quads, hamstrings, thighs, and calves. For beginners is recommended to do them without weight.

In case the exercises feel simple to you, you can add appropriate weights. For those who are really sore, they may do the exercise several times to construct strength and endurance.

1-Warrior III

Starting position – mountain pose


–           Transferring your weight to the right leg and, inhale and lift your arms over your head.

–           Exhale, and raising your left leg back bend it at the hips. Position your upper body parallel to the floor and in line with your left leg.

–           Stay in the pose for 30 to 60 seconds

–           Return to the starting position,

–           Repeat on the opposite side.

2-Chair Squat (3*15)

Chair Squat (3*15)

Starting position – standing with the feet to shoulder width in front of the chair


–           While sitting on the front half of the chair seat, engage your abdominal muscles, lean forward slightly.

–           Pressing through your heels raise your body to stand

–           Reversing the movement slowly lower down, tapping your glutes/bum on the end of the chair

Additional Tips:

–           During each set avoid sitting down completely

–           As you move through each repetition be mindful not to round your back.

Make it harder: Add a dumbbell in both hands.

3-Pivoting Curtsy Lunge (3*15)

Pivoting Curtsy Lunge

Starting position – Standing tall with your feet hip-width apart


–           Keep your weight in your left foot, and taking a big step back with your right leg, cross it behind your left leg.

–           Lowering your body, bend your knees, until your left thigh is parallel to the floor.

–           Return to the starting position

–           Repeat the movements on the opposite side.

4-Low Lunge Hover (3 each leg)

Low Lunge Hover

5-Starting position – in downward facing dog

Skater Lunge


–           Exhale and step your left foot forward between your hands.

–           Lower your right knee to the floor and place the top of the right foot on the floor.

–           Inhale, lifting your torso, sweep your arms out to the sides and overhead.

–           Staying in low lunge pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

–           Exhaling, place your hands on the floor, lift your right knee, step back and return to a downward-facing dog pose.

–           Repeat the movements with the opposite leg.

Skater Lunge (3*20)

Starting position – in a small squat


–           Jumping sideways to the left, land on your left leg and cross your right leg behind you.

–           Bringing your left hand to the floor, squat low in the cross-legged position

–           This completes one rep.

–           Reverse directions by jumping to the opposite leg.

Continue alternating sides for 30 reps.

6-Standing Glute Toner

Skater Lunge

Starting position – Stand with feet hip-width apart and parallel holding the back of a chair


–           Move left toe back 12 inches and touch the floor with it

–           Softening both knees, tuck pelvis, and bending the left knee lift foot off the floor

–           Keeping knee bent, press straight back with the foot for 20 reps,

–           Then move foot diagonally to the left and press it back for 20 reps.

–           Straightening left leg, lift it and press straight back for 20 reps,

–           Then press diagonally back for 20 reps.

–           Return to starting position,

–           Repeat the same series of moves on the opposite side.

Trainer tip: Before moving your legs, be sure to lock your pelvis into a stable position