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4 Yoga Exercises For Slender And Strong Arms

4 Yoga Exercises For Slender And Strong Arms

There is no doubt that consistently practicing yoga helps to tone and strengthen the body. Ever since this form of exercise became popular, people have been charmed by the physical benefits it gives to the body. Yoga only uses your own body weight, which allows you to slim down and strengthen your body without any more muscle gain.

Yoga helps to strengthen muscles and shape them. These exercises increase flexibility while building strength. With each movement, you feel your muscles stretch. One of the best features of modern yoga is undoubtedly the arm shaping exercises.

Below you will find 4 exercises that will make your arms strong, but above all firm and slender.

1- Downward dog – do this exercise for 30-60 seconds:

Downward dog

● this exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the spine and strengthen the shoulders and arms
● first adopt a “plank” posture with your arms directly under your shoulders and your torso in a straight line from the neck to your heels
● from this position, lift your hips upwards so that your body forms an inverted V
● keep your legs straight and keep your heels closest to the ground
● keep your head lowered between your hands, do not lift it
● Spread your fingers wide apart – let them not be joined
● breathe deeply, don’t hold your air

2 Warrior II – do this exercise for 30-60 seconds:

Warrior II

● this exercise helps to strengthen the lower body and build arm strength
● first, stand with your legs wide apart and put your left foot perpendicular to the right one
● bend the left leg in the knee so that the knee does not go beyond the line of the toes of the feet, the right leg stays straight
● keep your back straight throughout the exercise
● after the feet are positioned correctly, extend your arms to the sides, keeping them in line with the shoulders (neither too high nor too low)
● turn your face to the left

# 3 Half push-ups – do this exercise for 30-60 seconds:

Half push-ups

● this exercise sensationally strengthens the triceps and shoulders
● for this exercise, first take the plank position with your arms directly under your shoulders and elbows pointing backwards
● Maintain the correct plank posture, i.e. the body in a straight line from the neck to the heels
● from the plank position, lower the body so that the chest is a few centimeters above the ground
● when lowering the body, the elbows are close to the torso, at the level of the ribs
● modification: while lowering the body, you can lean on your knees

# 4 Reverse table top – do this exercise by:

Reverse table top

● this exercise strengthens the arms, shoulders and muscles of the chest
● Before starting the exercise, sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
● legs should be hip-width apart, feet facing forward
● Place your hands behind you and lift your hips as high as possible
hands, wrists should be just below the shoulders with the fingers pointing to the sides