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3 exercises to get rid of rollers under the armpits and make the shoulders slender

3 exercises to get rid of rollers under the armpits and make the shoulders slender

If we start our adventure with training, we often focus on exercises that are designed to improve and tone a given area of ​​the body. The most popular exercises are, of course, the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

Many people forget about training, which is very important for our health. Namely, it is about training that will strengthen our back, and additionally make the shoulders slender and help get rid of the fatty tissue in the armpits. Weak back muscles cause pain and are responsible for poor body posture.

We have prepared 

3 exercises for you that will help you get rid of rollers in your armpits, strengthen your back and make your shoulders slender. 

You will get rid of the rollers when you implement systematic cardio training into your life, additional exercises for the arms and what is most important, a healthy balanced diet. 

The combination of cardio exercises with exercises for slender arms will allow you to achieve the best results. 
Do the exercises three or four times a week. 
Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise. 
After doing one exercise, rest for 15 seconds and start the next exercise.
After completing one set, rest for 1 or 2 minutes and repeat the entire set.

What is necessary for this training are weights.
Choose the right weight for your current abilities. 
Too heavy a dumbbell will make the exercises very difficult for you to perform. 
Too small – it will prevent you from seeing the effects you expect.

See 3 exercises for getting rid of rollers under the arms and slimming the arms.

Exercise 1:

1. Prepare a pair of dumbbells
2. Stand with your feet together
3. Knees slightly bent, hips withdrawn
4. Bend over, but remember that your back must be straight
5. Palms facing the ground
6. Then straighten your arms and lift the weights up to shoulder height
7. Lower your hands to the starting position. Make sure your back is straight.

Exercise 2:

1. Prepare a pair of dumbbells
2. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart
3. Arms straight close to the body
4. Then raise your hands up to the sides
5. Lower slowly to the starting position
6. Be sure to keep the torso and back straight

Exercise 3:

1. The starting position is the plank position
2. Weights in both hands
3. Hips up and body must be in a straight line
4. Hands closer together 
5. Then lift your right arm up, keeping it close to your body, your elbow should be higher than your back
6. Lower your arm and do this exercise to the other sidea