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Tighten Your Belly In 1 Month With The Plank Challenge

Tighten Your Belly In 1 Month With The Plank Challenge

Who doesn’t love a defined six pack? Or having a tight and perfect belly, those are things that everyone loves and desires for.

If you desire this too, you are in the right place, because we have a solution for it!

Have you heard about the plant, it is one of the most beneficial exercises for this purpose? It will provide amazing effects, and not only that, it will provide them in very short period of time, even though that it seems easy to be preformed, it is not. It is a very intense workout exercise.

Multiple muscle groups are activated during this static exercise, mostly our upper torso.

While you are in the plank position, our corset muscles are exerted to the maximum, which will cause a lot of sweating, even more than doing 100 crunches.

Try this challenge, of 21-day plank exercising, the results that will be more than expected will shock you!

First Week


Hold the plank position for half a minute or more, and as the days pass, try increasing it and try to reach 1 minute to the end of the week.

Second Week

When the second week starts, try to aim for more than 60 seconds.

After the second week, you will be able to hold the plank position for more than a minute, and that will make your belly muscles very strong! But to even increase the strength more, try to keep it for another minute.

Third Week

To strengthen your belly even more, when you start the third week of exercising, raise the maximum for 1 more minute, don’t give up and try to reach it!

In order to achieve your goals, you must stay determined and focused through the 3 weeks of exercising, the exercises might look simple, but they are harder than you can imagine, which is why they provide such amazing effects.

To achieve your goals, stay humble and motivated through the 3-week plank plan, after that no doubt that the results will be shocking!

Share this article with your friends, exercise and accomplish your dreams of having a flat belly, together!