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8 Exercises That’ll Melt Your Inner Thigh And Vagina Fat

8 Exercises that’ll melt your inner thigh and vagina fat

It is not necessary to be overweight or obese for the inner thigh to accumulate fat. It is possible to be thin and still keep that annoying fat that when you walk, your pants slowly break and that rubs against your skin when you walk.

So if you want to get rid of this little fat but don’t know how, there are eight great exercises to do especially for inner thigh and vaginal fat. Perform them in 3 sets of 10 repetitions each, take a healthy diet and you will see the result.

1.Side cross lunges

Side cross lunges

You will strengthen directly the muscle of this area; also the most thing of all exercises that you will see will tighten your buttocks and whole legs.

2. Frog bend

Frog bend workout gif

This exercise, although it seems simple and low impact, will eliminate the fat that is focused in this area, and the belly will also benefit.

3. Scissor Kick

Scissor Kick workout gif

Other exercise that will help you get rid of inner thigh fat gradually will help you have a much firmer abdomen.

4. Open squats

Open squats workout gif

Whether or not you can add weight depends on how habitually you are exercising. You can try to do it slowly to give your muscles a better impact.

5. Side Lateral lunge

Side Lateral lunge workout gif

Your legs and your buttocks will work together to remove fat from this whole area, which will allow you to have thinner and shapelier legs.

6. Rubber band exercise

Rubber band exercise

Get some bands to help you generate more resistance during the exercise, so you can have a much greater impact. Slowly open and close your muscles to work properly.

7. Hip bridge

Hip bridge workout gif

This will make you to work your buttocks like never before. Perform these exercises 3 times a week and you will see how with a good diet you get wonderful results.

8. Toned thigh

Toned thigh

Although you think this is super simple and no joke, I invite you to do three series of 10 repetitions each, you will feel your muscles burning.

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