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How to Build a Massive Chest (Watch the Workout with Over 6.9 MILLION Views)

How to Build a Massive Chest (Watch the Workout with Over 7.9 MILLION Views)

Learn how to build a massive chest with this challenging workout.

In this collab between Fit Media and Obi Vincent, The London-based PT and WBFF Pro Muscle Model takes us through his massive chest workout, focusing on intensity and contraction, rather than heavy weights.

Important Points

● 40 minutes max
● Lot of volume
● Focus on every single rep
● Keep the intensity high at all times

how to build a massive chestSource: Obi Vincent

Below is the outline for the workout. Obi goes into more detail in the video itself.

How to Build a Massive Chest – Complete Workout


Firstly, Obi likes to pre-exhaust the chest.

● Standing Cable Crossover 4 sets. Start light and bring up weight gradually

Phase 1

● Dumbbell Incline Bench Press. No lockout, maintain constant tension on the pecs

Superset with:

● Dumbbell Incline Close Grip Superset. Squeeze the dumbbells together all the way throughout the movement. Great for upper chest

Phase 2

Wide Grip Dips. Tempo 2 down, 1 or 2 seconds up. Focus on every single rep.

Superset with:

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press (with twist). Squeeze at the top of the movement and squeeze the dumbbells together at the top.


30 Press Ups