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6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Many women want to have a small waist and a wasp waist in a short time and have a slim silhouette. To achieve this, the first and most necessary thing is to improve lifestyle habits.

The two main factors that affect the accumulation of fat in your body are nutrition and exercise, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Try these exercises that will help you to define your waist.

1- Seated twist

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Sit on the mat with your legs extended, relax your elbows and tighten your abdomen (you must bring your belly button towards your spine). From this position turn slowly to the right, while touching the floor near the hips, then return to the center and continue with the left to complete one repetition.
Remember, the movement is not large and should come from trunk rotation. Try to keep the abdomen involved at all times and that this movement is done in a more controlled manner. 

Do 30 repetitions

2- Leg lift

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Lie on your back and raise your legs while keeping them bent. Place your arms at your sides with your palms flat, then bring your legs to the right side to let them fall, but this time without touching the floor. Return to the center and repeat on the other side, without touching the surface.

You must control the descent and collection. Continue with the movement from one side to the other, you work the abdomen to strengthen it, as well as it will help you to mark the waist. 

Perform this exercise for about 20 repetition.

3- Side-plank

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Start this exercise by adopting a side elbow plank, so your body should be resting on your right side with the opposite hand behind your head. Now slightly lower your hips and then lift your pelvis, so that you can feel the work on your abs. Once again lower your hips and lift your pelvis, 

continue to press in this manner for about 20 repetitions before switching sides.

4- Touch elbow plank

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Start by adopting a high plank. To do this you must rest your hands on the floor, so that they are directly below your shoulders and extend your legs to form a straight line with your whole body.

Then lift your right leg and bring your knee to the side so that you can touch your right elbow, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise, but alternating sides. Remember to activate your belly. 

You can repeat this exercise for 30 times.

5- Mountain climber with twist

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

Start in a high plank. Then, you must rest on your hands and toes, as well as engage your core. From this position, you must turn to bring the right knee towards the opposite elbow, then return to the starting position to complete one repetition and continue the exercise.
This time switch legs and bring the left knee to the right elbow, return and continue alternating sides. 

You will perform 20 repetitions.

6- Stand-up twist

6 Exercises To Have A Slim Waist In No Time

This last exercise you should start by holding a dumbbell above your head, while turning your body to the left and moving your right foot as needed. As shown in the picture.
Now bring the dumbbell along your body in a clockwise direction as you bring your right knee up. The weight should be on the outside of the right hip, then lift the weight to return to the starting position and lightly tap the floor with the right foot, completing the repetition.
If you prefer, this is a movement that can also be done without weight, just bring your hands together. 

Repeat 20 times.

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