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Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want Strong And Rock Chest

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want Strong And Rock Chest

Have you ever struggled to grow your chest or felt like your progress is really slow? 

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want Strong And Rock Chest

There is a high chance you are making one of these five Chest training mistakes that are slowing you down and hindering your progress! Let’s break down each one so you know how to tackle these mistakes and improve your chest gains!

  1-Mistake - Make these mistakes if Rounded Shoulders

Make these mistakes if Mistake Rounded Shoulders

The first mistake when it comes to training your chest is rounded shoulders. Due to our lifestyle habits we often slouch, whether that’s prolonged sitting in front of a computer or looking down at your phone, there is a high chance your shoulders are rounded forward throughout the majority of your day.

The biggest problem with slouching is that when you enter the gym and you try to train your chest. You are already locked into an unfavorable position where your shoulders are rounded forward, your chest muscles are tight and there is little room for them to stretch and contract while performing exercises.

Mistake chest

Taking the bench press as an example, if you lay down to perform the movement but your upper back is rounded you will be unable to correctly execute this exercise, the muscular tension will move away from your chest to other muscles meaning that you’re not actually training your chest but rather the surrounding muscles like your shoulders and upper traps.

What you want to do instead is to expand your rib cage, pulling your shoulders back and down, lifting your chest up, and keeping an upright posture while perfuming exercises, to help you better target the chest muscles.

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want Strong And Rock Chest

2-Mistake - Make these mistakes if Weak Lower Traps

The lower traps are positioned between your shoulder blades. These muscles help you retract your shoulders back and pull you into the correct position while training. The problem is that not a lot of people focus on developing these muscles and if they are weak you will struggle to pull your shoulders back into the correct position, which is necessary for you to improve your chest.

Weak Lower Traps

Exercises that can help you develop the lower trap muscles are the Prone Y, Reverse shrugs and bridge exercises. Your chest Gains depend on your ability to retract the shoulders back and down while training, so I would suggest including some of these in your routine!

3-Mistake - Make these mistakes if Upper Trap & Shoulder Dominance

If your body is in the wrong position while training your chest, the tension will move to the surrounding muscles rather than your chest. In most cases, this is going to be your shoulders and upper traps. This is mostly caused by the mistakes mentioned above, rounded shoulders and weak lower traps, therefore fixing those issues will help you improve your position and allow you to shift the tension from the shoulders and traps to your chest.

Upper Trap & Shoulder Dominance

Be causes of where you feel the tension while training, this will give you a good idea as to what muscles you are using while working out. During chest exercises you should be able to feel the pump in your chest first, then your shoulders or traps secondary. This brings us to the next mistake, which is…

4-Mistake  - Make these mistakes if Lack Of Tension In Your Chest At The Top Of The Movements

Most guys just focus on the number of reps and sets they suppose to perform during the exercise, completely forgetting about the need to develop a strong mind-muscle connection with the areas that you're trying to develop.

Instead of just focusing on reps and sets I would also strongly advise you to start paying attention on how to position your body in order to be able to increase the tension in your chest muscles while you train. This would often mean that you would have to lower the weight and try out a few different positions on the exercise in order to be able to find the best one that allows you for maximum contraction. The better your mind-muscle connection with your chest the better gains you are able to promote. Quality over quantity.

5-Mistake - Make these mistakes if Small Range Of Motion 

A full range of motion would mean that you can stretch your muscle from the point of its origin to the point of its insertion. The greater your range of motion the more muscle fibers you will target during your workouts.

Small Range Of Motion

Don't Make These Mistakes If You Want Strong And Rock Chest

If you're struggling to develop your chest, you are most likely a victim of one of these mistakes and I hope this blog post is helpful in clarifying what you’re potentially doing wrong and how to fix it.