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The Best Butt Exercises For Knee Pain without SQUATS OR LUNGES

The Best Butt Exercises For Knee Pain without SQUATS OR LUNGES

In order to get your butt in shape, people usually recommend equates or lunges. However, people who have problem with their knees are restricted from this exercises and that is why in today’s article we present to you a program that will have a massive effect on your butt and you will be surprised by the results after a few weeks time.

Jeanette Jenkins is a celebrity trainer of the Hollywood Trainer Club and we included a video from her how properly to do these exercises. This is a booty burning workout with zero knee pain.

How it works:

– First you need to perform the exercises with the number of reps indicated.
– Repeat the circuit two to three times.
– For detailed instructions watch the video.

1.Butt Burner Toe Tap (Perform 20 to 25 reps per side)

Butt Burner Toe Tap

2. Single-Leg Dead lift (Perform 16 reps per side)

Single-Leg Dead lift

3. Arabesque Pulse (Perform 20 to 25 reps per side)

Arabesque Pulse

4. Kneeling Back Kick (Perform 25 reps per side)

Kneeling Back Kick

5. Kneeling Combo

Kneeling Combo

6. Kneeling Roundhouse

Kneeling Roundhouse

7. Straight-Leg Pulse (Perform 16 reps per side)

Straight-Leg Pulse

8. Kneeling Bird-Dog Balance

Kneeling Bird-Dog Balance

9. Leg Lift Hold (Hold this position for 15 seconds per side)

Leg Lift Hold

10. Shoulder Bridge (Perform 20 reps)

Shoulder Bridge