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The 4 Week ABS Challenge To Lose Belly Pooch Fast

The 4 Week ABS Challenge To Lose Belly Pooch Fast

If you are among those people, that you are dreaming of losing the stomach muffin top, then you will need to undertake the abs challenge that today’s article has prepared for you because the stomach fat is something that is easy to be gained, but it is very hard to get rid of.

A lot of people around are dreaming of six-packs abs or at least a flat stomach.

So, follow the instructions:


So this challenge is quite simple and all you have to do is follow the instructions that will be presented to you. And after 4 weeks you will see positive noticeable results on the stomach.

-The instructions are the following:

First, you will need to perform all the 6 exercises without making any pauses between the then and also you will need to make 3 sets of all the exercises. And then while making the sets you are allowed to make pauses, but no longer than 2 minutes.

Second, you need to perform the exercises three days in a row, then make a one-day pause. And then the next two days you will have to practice again and make a pause for one day. You need to keep this repetition with the days.

Third, you need to start with the workout on Monday. That’s Thursday and Sunday will be your days for rest.

Then despite the workout, you must perform cardio training and this means that you will have to jog, run, or walk. You need to do that for about 30-60 minutes every day.

Also, you need to say goodbye to sugar, pasta, bread, and any fatty products.

You need to consume a lot of poultry, fruits, and vegetables.

And at last but not least you need foods that you may allow to yourself now and then are: nuts, fatless meats, eggs, and dairies.

So you will need to get stick to this regime for the next four weeks and do not make any exceptions if you want to see results after the fourth week.

Also do not be afraid of the burn that you will get into your muscles the first days, because that is a good sign that you are on the right track. And
remember to don’t give up and keep moving in order to reach your aim.


Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch

You need to start this exercise by laying down on your back. Then you need to place your hands-on faced towards the ground and your legs should be kept into a vertical position and perpendicular on the ground during the whole performance of the exercise.

Next, you will need to lift your hips off the ground and bring them towards your chest and while you are performing this, make sure that you are keeping your legs into a straight position.

You need to make a pause of 2 seconds, lower your hips, and touch the floor with them and that is you have completed one repetition.

Scissors Exercise

Scissors Exercise

This is an exercise that targets the lower part of your abs.

So to start the exercise you need to lie down on the floor with your back and place your arms by your sides, but it’s quite important your back not to sway.

Next, you will need to raise your shoulders off the ground and make sure that both of your legs are off the floor several inches too, and then raise one of your legs, pointing to the ceiling. And like this you have done with the one leg you need to switch legs and repeat the same movements with the
opposite leg too.

Elbow to Knee Crunch

Elbow to Knee Crunch

This is an exercise that targets the side abs. And is working on losing weight in general. Also is an exercise that should not be excluded from the workout. Because it is titled as the most effective one of
the workout.

First, start the exercise by laying down on the floor so that your face will be facing the ceiling and then place your hands behind the head and bend your knees.

You need to place your left ankle over your right knee and make a movement by driving the left knee to the right elbow.

That’s while your body is performing a slight crunch up.

Then during the entire exercise, you must tighten your abs and try to stay into this position for several seconds. Then you may lie back down on the ground.

You need to make repetitions of the exercise for a period of 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Repeat the same movements with the opposite leg for an additional 30 seconds.

Diagonal Plank

Diagonal Plank

This exercise the diagonal plank is actually a more intense version of the basic plank.

Start the exercise by placing your body into a full plank position i.e. on your all fours and your body needs to be in a straight line starting from your toes up to the head.

Also, the distance between your feet should be the same as the distance between your shoulders and then make a movement by lifting your right arm and the left leg at the same time.

You need to try to stay in this position for two seconds and then you may return your body to the starting position. And then you need to switch sides and repeat the same movements with the opposite leg.

Russian Twist

Russian Twist

To start this exercise first you need to by lying down on your back on the ground so that your arms are extended as much as you can above your chest.

Then you need to bring them together and make a movement by raising your back off the ground. Also, you need to do the same with your legs and in order to balance the entire body, use your butt.

So during the entire performance, your back needs to be in a straight position and your knees should be bent a little bit and then start making rotations with your body.

And that’s you will bring your arms to one side of your body. Then return your body to the starting position. After that, you need to rotate the entire body to the opposite side.

Cross-Body Mountain Climber

Cross-Body Mountain Climber

This last exercise is a high-intensive one and will make you sweat a lot. The same is some modification of the mountain climbers. So you need to perform the movements as faster as you can in order to increase the rate of your heart and also you will need to do as many repetitions of the
same as possible during a period of one minute.

You need to start the exercise by placing your body into a full plank position. So that your arms will be extended below your shoulders and your entire body needs to form a straight line starting from your toes up to your head. Then you need to make a movement by raising your right knee towards the left elbow and then lower the leg down and lift the left knee towards the right elbow.

You need to repeat the switches as faster as you can.