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These are the 5 workouts that you need if you want to burn side fat

These are the 5 workouts that you need if you want to burn side fat

Most everyone has a specific area of their body that they'd like to improve. A popular target area: the side. When you're working out, it's relatively easy to target most other muscle groups. But, the sides of your body can be a little harder to focus on, and that means less muscle. It's easy to think you'll never lose fat here. However, you just need to add a few moves to your routine.

We've gathered a few exercises specifically targeted to the love handle and oblique areas so that you can add them to your routine.

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1. The Russian Twist

This simple move targets your oblique muscles. I like that you can adjust the difficulty by leaning farther back as needed. You can also lift your heels up off the floor slightly if you want a little extra burn.

2. Oblique press and reach (h/t Your Beauty)

This low-impact exercise targets your oblique muscles. You can easily adjust the difficulty by opting for heavier weights as you build up more strength.

3. Hanging leg raises (h/t Men's Fitness)

This one hurts, but it's worth the pain. Don't have a pull-up bar at home? Take advantage of the monkey-bars at the park while your kids are running around. Bonus: You'll work your abdominals, obliques, and grip strength.

4. Discus Throw (h/t Fitness Magazine)

You'll give your abs, butt, and legs a workout with this move. Amp up the resistance with some arm or ankle weights. Make sure you watch your form on this step to avoid tweaking a muscle.

5. 10-minute core strengthening workout (h/t Health)

Give your core the rundown with this speedy routine. The goal is to go through each move as quickly as possible to keep your heart rate up (to increase calorie burn) while you work your muscles. This is a no-equipment-required workout.

6. The Starfish (h/t Style Craze)

You're going to need a little flexibility to pull this move off! But, the advanced variation on a side plank, really helps target your side muscles. Not only does this work your abs and arms, but it also makes for a great Instagram opportunity.