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Larry Wheels VS Schoolboy

Larry Wheels VS Schoolboy

Name: Larry Wheels
Division: Professional Powerlifter
Birth date: 12/3/1994
Height: 6’1″
Competition Weight: 244-255 lbs

Larry Wheels


Childhood & Upbringing

Larry Williams also known as Larry Wheels, a Bronx, NY native was born December 3, 1994. He grew up in poverty and spent time in foster homes as a child. He often faced dangerous situations like walking through dark alleys and rough neighborhoods to get to school. Coming from poverty, his goal was to be bigger and stronger so nobody would bully him and so he could protect himself from any sort of danger.

To achieve this goal, he began to do pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups every day. With his mothers help, he built himself a weight set consisting of two 40lb concrete blocks and a broomstick. This weight set helped Larry do complex exercises like biceps curls and military press, which helped his physique progress.

Gym Training & Tremendous Growth

As the years went by, Larry began his first job, which allowed him to afford a gym membership. Now that he had access to a gym, he witnessed tremendous growth. Following a half year of lifting, Larry lost his interest in bodybuilding and chose to work on strength. Having no dad or mentor to show him, Larry started working on his own strength training program. Larry is a self-made athlete.

Larry has been lifting weights for years and later took it a step further to become a professional powerlifter. Larry set two world records by 2017 and became an inspiration for people along his journey. Larry is now one of the strongest powerlifters in the world.