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Illia Golem VS Craig Golias - Who's the Real Mass Monster?

Illia Golem VS Craig Golias
About Illia Golem


Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Languages: 3 Fluent

Weight: 340lb (155 kg)
Height: 6'1" tall (185 cm)
Biceps: 25" (63.5 cm)
Chest 61" (155 cm)

My transformation is a result of years of hard training and discipline, paired with an understanding of exercise physiology and nutrition.

One of my aspirations is to show that fitness and physical achievements are so much more than that; they are ways of bringing people together, creating bonds, and helping to inspire others in all areas of life, beyond the gym or the stage. This mentality can be contagious to others and has a way of reinforcing the best in people. My mission is to instill a work ethic in people so they can overcome and surmount their fears while acting confidently towards the betterment of themselves and those around them.

About Craig Golias

Craig Golias
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

Craig Golias “Goliath” is known as one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world, weighing an incredible 350 lbs at 6’3” tall. His remarkable physique has gained him a lot of prominence in the online fitness and bodybuilding community.

Growing up as a tall and slim teenager, Craig began his bodybuilding journey around the age of 20. He wanted to gain size and become ‘huge‘ like the bodybuilders he saw in magazines. So he started lifting weights and eating several meals per day.

Craig would train day in and day out, taking breaks from weight training very rarely. His discipline and dedication gradually started to pay off, as Craig gained a lot of size over the years.

Ever since then, Craig has become a fitness sensation and competitive bodybuilder; placing highly in contests like Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, and Mr. And Ms. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding and Figure Contest.