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5 Ways to Get Wider Shoulders

5 Ways to Get Wider Shoulders
Is one of your goals in the gym to increase muscle mass and shoulder volume? Have you tried them all, trying your hand at the strangest training techniques? Well, whether you are a beginner or a professional sportsman, our tips will surely come in handy.

The advices

To have large and voluminous shoulders, it is essential to perform training aimed at the deltoids, these muscles are divided into 3 parts, anterior (front), medial and posterior.

The shoulders are one of the most trained muscle groups, in fact they are often involved even when we train other muscle groups, for example by training the chest, we will inevitably involve the anterior deltoids.

This can even happen when we train the legs, for example during deadlifts, the delts will be highly involved. Even when we carry out an activity such as yoga, which does not use weights, our shoulders can be involved, see the "dog" position.

1. Warming up

Warming up

As the shoulders are almost always involved, they are consequently more prone to injuries.

It would be good to warm them up properly before each workout.

2. Not just machines

5 Ways to Get Wider Shoulders

Many people focus too much on using machines or on exercises that allow you to isolate the shoulder muscles. In reality, this type of exercise is of secondary importance in order to increase the volume of the shoulders.

3. Don't overdo the repetitions

5 Ways to Get Wider Shoulders

Another common mistake is to train the shoulders with a high number of repetitions, a practice that contrary to what is thought, can also cause a block in the growth of muscle groups, in particular it can have a very negative effect on muscle groups. smaller, like shoulders.

4. Increase loads

When you already have nice big shoulders, then it will certainly be easier, in fact, it will be enough to aim for lifting ever greater loads, accompanied by a correct execution of the exercise.

5. Safe progression

It is good to focus on those exercises whose movements allow for safe progression. For example, one of the most effective and well-known exercises for training the shoulders is the Shoulder Press, which, through the use of dumbbells, makes it possible to gradually increase the load, in order to improve from time to time.

When working with heavier weights, muscle failure will occur at approximately 6 repetitions, while when working with normal muscle hypertrophy training, failure will usually occur around 8-12 repetitions.

Obviously this largely depends on the resilience which is entirely subjective. If you are a beginner and you have recently approached the world of sports, then it will definitely take a little more time.

If you want to increase muscle volumes, a good technique is to carry out 5 series for each exercise each consisting of 5 repetitions, thus managing to progressively reach over 80% of your maximum.

6. Exercises for compression

Performing compression exercises for the shoulders is ideal, both through the use of dumbbells and barbells. This type of exercise involves all 3 parts of the deltoid, with greater emphasis on the front.

7. Combine different exercises

Try to combine the different exercises we talked about, you will surely be able to get bigger and more voluminous muscles!

Military Press

Arnold Press with dumbbells

Shoulder Press with dumbbells

Pull to the chin with the barbell

Raise to 90 ° while seated with dumbbells

Lateral raises on the side

Front raises with barbell

Reverse torsion to the low cable

Peck Back Machine