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5 tips for getting started with bodybuilding


Bodybuilding is a sport that has captured the interest of individuals and the public, often close to much more popular sporting events, since its heyday in the early seventies and since then, thanks to the remarkable achievements of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

But it has, like all, advantages and drawbacks to devote yourself entirely to competitive bodybuilding. But it has, like all ,advantages and drawbacks to devote yourself entirely to competitive bodybuilding.

1. More than a sport, bodybuilding is a lifestyle

Professional sports, challenging as they can be, blend lengthy training times with private-life moments of relaxation. In bodybuilding, this is not the case since you are practicing for twenty-four hours: Not just the time you spend lifting weights in the gym, which must be quite a lot , but the hours you need to devote to the gym, meals, and aerobic exercises. A bodybuilder, at the risk of losing in a few days what was hard-earned in weeks, can not afford oversights or excesses. By this, we do not say that you have to grow an addiction, but you have to take care of your body and take care of it at all times, contrary to most sports.

2. Get used to committing sacrifices

According to the previous section, the skilled bodybuilder must devote a large part of his day to training (training with the split-table method if possible), giving up delicious foods with a high caloric or fat content, eating according to a strict diet, sleeping no less than eight hours a day, Appropriately supplement, eat a minimum number of calories per day distributed in around six intakes, give up drinking and bingeing, and a long etcetera .Of course, all of this results in overall well-being, health, and physical appearance gains, but the compromises it requires are substantial.

3. In bodybuilding, there are two routes: natural and chemical:


We can put it simply: many athletes take the shortest path in competitive bodybuilding and turn to supplements that, such as steroids, are illegal in many countries. Not only can these chemical compounds cause you headaches from a legal perspective, but their usage is connected to a broad range of inconveniences: Alopecia (hair loss), skin problems, disorders of sexuality and libido, elevated levels of aggressiveness (called royal rage), etc. A slower but healthier and safer road to the same target is natural bodybuilding that prevents steroid use: muscle development. Natural bodybuilding critics argue that without the assistance of chemicals, the same impressive outcomes can not be achieved, And you have no option but to use them if you are going to compete. We are opposed to two responses: the first is that there are a large number of bodybuilding tournaments, and that anti-doping measures are carried out in all of them to prevent the use of banned drugs, in which tournaments you choose to participate and in which you do not.

The second answer has to do with your health: if your stable condition will inevitably worsen, is it reasonable to make so many sacrifices? Only you've got the answer.

4. Do the calculations for monetary

Bodybuilding is not an incredibly common sport, so the hard cash prizes are not impressive; however, the costs associated with the lifestyle of bodybuilding are onerous, whether in supplementation, nutritious food, membership of the gym, personal trainers, etc. Do the calculations to see if you are willing to pay a lot to maybe get, not too much in terms of money alone.

5. Think long term

For a long time, a professional bodybuilder will undergo subtle and constant changes; he won't create a body to be proud of overnight. Depending on your genetic ability and your commitment, it takes no less than three to five years to enter the competition level. It has been a long time, but it is worth a try. Note that with one step, the longest path begins