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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t gaining Biceps Fast

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t gaining Biceps Fast
‘Why my Biceps aren’t growing?’ Is the most common question asked by many gym fanatics. The answer lies in the question itself if you ponder. Your nutrition is good, you are gaining good muscle growth everywhere except Biceps.

Killer biceps are what men strives for but few are lucky to got them. While the rest struggles all their life. Especially, if you have thin arms, building biceps haven’t been a piece of cake for you.

Why worry? Here we will be sharing 3 reason which will help you know the reason behind your underdeveloped biceps.
1-Lifting too much weight.  
Lifting too much weight

Overtraining is the foremost reason behind the slow growth of biceps muscle. Our muscles lift to a certain limit but exceeding that limit and lifting a lot of weight will cost us not only by giving injuries but also in the form of undeveloped biceps. Instead of lifting heavy weights try perfecting your posture for maximum muscle isolation and growth.
Direct arm workout shouldn’t be done with heavy weights. Muscle growth is achieved with cellular swelling. The best way to get this cellular swelling is by lifting lighter weights along with higher repetition sets.

Try using a weight that will let you achieve 10 or 12 repetitions. While working out with lighter weight squeeze your muscles as hard as you can on each rep. Ensure that you feel burn in your muscles and not in joints.

Not using battling ropes.

battling ropes

 Another reason behind your failure is that you aren’t utilizing battling ropes in your workouts. Many gyms now a days have sets of battle ropes. These ropes are one of the best bicep building tools one could ever asked for.

Battling rope exercises can be done in 2 ways;

  • Inverted rows. Loop the rope over the top of a chin up bar, then grasp the rope ends in each hand. Now lay your body back towards the floor. Perform the rows by using your body weight until you can’t pull your arms back.
Inverted rows

  • Hand over hand rows. Attach one end of the rope to a sledge and do hand over hand rows for the total ropes’ length. You can use any weight in this workout that will allow you to take 50 seconds to complete each set.
 This exercise will provide you multiple benefits. Not only it will help you gain bigger biceps but will also widen your back, thicken forearms and strengthen oblique muscles

  • Not maintaining a mind-muscle connection. You might not be feeling and focusing on the biceps working during workout. Establishing a mind and muscle connection is very important during any workout and it makes a huge difference in muscle growth. Instead of curling the weight up you need to focus and feel the biceps working. But to do this you have to choose light weights.
Just remember, while lifting weight think about squeezing the bar towards your body rather just thinking about lifting weight. It will enhance the bicep contraction during each repetition.