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The Best Exercises To Build Bigger Forearms

The Best Exercises To Build Bigger Forearms

Training your forearms will add symmetry and seriousness to your physique. But an unimpressive forearm development is one of those things that detracts from a complete and well balanced muscular package

There are more reasons to train your forearms other than for aesthetics, achieving a complete forearm development will help you build maximum grip strength and enable you to work with heavier weights

The forearms are a complex muscle group that must be targeted with specific exercises and heavy loads in order to obtain their full potential. If your genetics haven’t enabled you with an ability to build forearms without any substantial difficulty, you will have to adequately stimulate growth by training with a smart training program

Repetitive squeezing and gripping work great for building forearms, below are a list of workouts which incorporate these movements in combination with heavy weights for you to choose from

These workouts can be performed at the end of your regular training sessions. Perform them in a consecutive manner, completing all prescribed sets and reps of one exercise before moving to the next

 Wrist roller
Wrist roller

Grab a wrist roller with a pronated grip straight up and hold it out in front of your body
Make sure the rope is not wrapped around the roller, then roll your hands forward in an alternating fashion until the weight is raised and your arms are fully extended
Reverse the motion and return to the starting position

3 sets x 4-5 reps, 90 second rest

Pinch grip

Pinch grip

Place two dumbbells or rimmed weights facing outward in a standing position on the floor
Bend down and pinch the head of each weight with your fingers, lift them off the floor and hold

3 sets x 15-30 second hold, 60 second rest

Towel wring-out

Grab a thick towel and soak it in water, wring it out by twisting your wrists in both directions

2 sets x 60 seconds, 0 second rest

Farmer’s walk

Farmer’s walk

Pick up a heavy set of dumbbells
Stand tall and walk with them as fast as you can, maintaining a neutral back

3 sets x 20-second walks, 60 second rest

Band finger extension

Take a rubber band and put it around all of your fingers, then spread them apart as far as possible and hold for a second
2 sets x 20-30 reps with each hand, 0 seconds rest

Single dumbbell wrist curl

Take a dumbbell in one hand and sit on a bench, allowing your elbow to rest on your thigh, bend at 90 degrees
Your working hand and the dumbbell should be loosely hanging off your knee with your palm up
Curl your wrist up so your palm faces your biceps

2 sets x 15-20 reps on each side, 0 second rest

Towel pull-up

Towel pull-up

Attach a towel to a pull-up bar, grab each end of it
As you hang from the towel, pull yourself up until your chin is raised above your hands
If this proves to be too hard, hang from the towel for as long as you can instead
3 sets x As many reps as possible, 90 second rest

 Cable thumb curl/pinkie curl

Attach a rope handle to the pulley then grasp an end of it with your left hand and pull it to thread through the hole, so that you end up having one long rope
Take a step back so that your arm becomes fully extended then flex your wrist to bend the thumb back toward your forearm
After you complete all sets and reps with both hands, grasp the rope with your left hand again and perform the opposite motion by curling your pinkie toward the underside of your forearm
Repeat with the other hand
2 sets x 15-20 reps on each side, 0 second rest
Wrist flexion/extension stretch

Wrist flexion/extension stretch

Slightly bend your left elbow and clasp your right hand over the fingers on your left hand, then extend your left hand and gently bend the wrist back
Hold the stretch for 60 seconds, then perform the opposite movement to stretch the opposing muscles, bend your wrist and fingers in the opposite direction so that your palm comes closer to the forearm

1 set x 60-second hold on each side, 0 second rest