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Complete Massive Big Biceps Workout Forever


We have compiled a list of the best workouts that will make you boast about your biceps sooner than the usual. Just make sure you do each routine slowly and controllably. Just carefully follow the descriptions of each routine as well as the schedule, especially for beginners

First Routine: Close Chin Up

This is similar as the usually chin ups done on a bar, except that you have to keep your hands closer together, as you use the strength in your arms in pulling your body off the ground
First Routine: Close Chin Up

Second Routine: Standing Barbell Curl

As the name implies, this routine is accomplished through standing up. One holds the barbell with both hands facing away from the body, with both arms extended to the thighs. One then curls the bar upwards, and towards the body, as the elbows are flexed or bended

Standing Barbell Curl

Third Routine: Preacher Curls

These are done with a barbell however they are seated on a preacher bench. Meanwhile, while sitting, the barbell should be gripped with the underhand gripping elbow being extended with hands about a shoulder width apart. The bar is then curled towards the shoulders

Preacher Curls

Fourth Routine: Dumbbell Curls

Performed similar to that of a standing barbell curl, but with an exception: the dumbbells should naturally fall a little to one’s side in contrast to having let it fall straight in front of your thighs

Dumbbell Curls

Fifth Routine: Hammer Grip Curl 

This can be accomplished through standing or sitting. The rest of the actions are that of a dumbbell curl but the grip of the hands are facing towards one another instead of facing the body. The weights are then curled up keeping the knuckles facing one another

Hammer Grip Curl