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Hyperextension Exercise to Strengthen Your Lower Back


The back extension is a lower body movement, despite what you might imagine by the name. It’s also known as the hyperextension, which strengthens the glutes and hamstrings

Quick Info

Exercise type: Compound movement

Good for: strength and hypertrophy of the lower body

Muscles involved: hamstrings, glutes, lower back

Experience level: beginners, intermediates, advanced

Make sure when you start, your feet and ankles are securely in the pads and that your thighs are firmly in the pads

Your waist should be hanging over the pad to help you get a full stretch in the hamstrings on the descent

If you notice that you’re mostly bending at the lower back, and not spilling forward at the hips like you would in a hip hinge, then you’ll need to adjust the pad to a lower setting

Hyperextension exercise is one of the very best things you can do to strengthen your lower back. It creates a dynamic stretch in your back, and you will feel the difference within days. And maybe best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your home

Hyperextensions done on a consistent basis are one of the best things you can do for your lower back health. They are not only a great back workout, they are also one of the best exercises to prevent lower back injury. Most orthopedics agree that one of the very best things to do for your lower back is the hyperextension exercise

Types of Hyperextension Exercises

There are a variety of different hyperextensions you can perform, both with and without a hyperextension bench

Full hyperextensions on a hyperextension bench

Half hyperextensions on a hyperextensions bench

Hyperextensions on a a flat bench

Hyperextensions on the floor

These exercises will not only strengthen and heal a lower back injury, but will also avoid lower back injury in your future

Hyperextensions for Lower Back Health

Stretching and Warm-up

Proper stretching and warm-up is paramount to perform prior to any resistance training, including hyperextensions

1-2 minutes of light cardio (jogging in place, jumping rope)

2 minutes of dynamic stretching

Walking with knee raises

Arm rotations

Side bends

Torso rotations

Performing Hyperextension Exercise

The following outlines the exercise. You will need a hyperextension bench to perform this at home. They are not too expensive and worth their weight in gold

Here’s the rundown

Start Position for Hyperextensions

Lie or stand face down on a hyperextension bench, with your feet locked on the foot brace

For most benches, your body will be at a 45 degree angle (approximately)

Cross your arms over your chest, and make sure your waist is clear of the thigh support so you can bend at the waist. You can also hold your arms at head height as shown in the image above