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3 Fat Loss Reasons In Muscle Building For Fat Guys

3 Fat Loss Reasons In Muscle Building For Fat Guys

It’s awesome to sport a lean and buff body, but if you’re overweight, you have to look for tips about muscle building for fat guys. 

Most guys don’t mind packing an extra 5 to 10 pounds of muscle in their physiques, but if you’re fat, you have to stick to a program first for losing fat and then building muscles.

 Basically, it’s about working out and eating to lose fat without losing the muscles. 

Did you know that on the average, a lot of guys miscalculate their body fat to be 5% lesser than their real measure? Reevaluate your goals before you get into a muscle building program. 

Don’t easily jump into lifting heavy weights and gulping protein shakes before you’re sure of what your muscle building program is about. 

Why focus on losing fat first before you proceed into gaining muscles? Here are 3 compelling reasons:

It’s detrimental if you gain more fat. 

Normally, if you want to gain muscles, you’re gaining fat at the same time. 
You can watch every calorie you eat, but the problem remains. 
How does your body gain muscle? You have to condition your body to be in the anabolic state. 
You can do this by eating more carbs, proteins and calories. 
In your muscle building program, expect to gain fat if you’re beginning to gain more muscles.
 Bodybuilders and fitness models are aware of this fact. 
For example, if you’re standing 5’10” tall and weigh 185 pounds and harboring 15% body fat and you gain 12 pounds, that weight gain would comprise 6 pounds of muscle and 6 pounds of fat. 
In this case, your fat level would be 18% which is detrimental, considering that you’re close to getting a 20% body fat measure. 
What if you gain 20% body fat? You’ll have to work out and go on a diet that’ll make you lose 20 pounds of fat, but you have to see to it that you’re not losing muscles. 
Get down to 10% body fat so you can finally achieve a lean beach body. 
Focus on losing fat first if your body fat reaches 15%.

A lean body makes you look bigger.

 If you’re on the fatty side, your body fat tends to hide your muscle mass and your ripped muscular shape.
 Ripped shoulder muscles, for example, tend to be round and teardropped shape.
 It does the job for your pushing and pulling movements. 
What happens if fat is covering your shoulders? It will appear flat and less round.
 More rounded shoulders mean that they are leaner and their shape will look more striking. 
The more visibly lean and muscular your shoulders are, the bigger they will look. That’s why in muscle building, you have to lose the fat so that your muscles will come out and look more defined.

You’ll be clear about your muscle building gains.

 Measure your body. 
Which parts need improvement? Let’s say that your body is solidly in concordance with your height, but you have a rather flat chest. 
It’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to bulk up your chest and back. 
When you lose fat first, it’ll be clearer to you what parts of your body you want to work on (to gain muscles). 
It may just be a few pounds max, especially if you’ve lost your body fat already.
These are 3 ideas to note about muscle building for fat guys, why they have to lose fat first before gaining muscles.