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The Best Exercises For Your Waist

The Best Exercises For Your Waist

If you have always been seeking ways to get rid of those excessive fats from your waist, an exercise to reduce can actually help you at some point as it can improves and shapes the waist as you consistently do the exercise. You need to have certain concentration in doing it as it will help you achieve your purpose.

Whatever we may call it, love handles, pot handles, oblique’s, etc. they all pertains to our waist which is also considered one of the stubborn area of the body next to the stomach that fats can’t help but accumulate in there. The more we eat fatty and other unhealthy foods, the more fats can be stored in our body specifically in our waist especially when life is sedentary. You see, having a slim waist and a larger waist is a big difference. Your smaller waist can give you all the benefits you want: look good and attractive, wear any clothes you like, wear swimsuit at a beach, giving you a health and longer life. As with larger waist, you will have the hard time to get rid of it especially when foods are tempting.

With a larger waist, sure you will not be that confident in wearing clothes you actually want but it doesn’t just fit you anymore. For sure you will choose to buy dark colored clothes to cover those flabby waists, and for sure, you have been trying to find the best gadget in town to reduce waist. However, no matter how you try to find one, flabby waist can only be reduced by asserting practical ways, such as diet and exercise. With exercise alone, you will be able to appreciate change little by little.

If we maintain proper coordination between the energy stored and burnt, we always feel light and healthy. So in this article, it will show you exercise to reduce waist size:

Before doing specific exercises for working out the waist, cardio exercises are very important in every weight loss plan, whether you want to reduce fats on your tummy, face, arms, and waist. Our cardio exercise workouts our total body allowing us to burn fats of the entire body including the waist. So the waist exercises will add more effect that the cardio gives, and so making the best result. Just do cardio for 30 minutes daily such as swimming, running, jogging, brisk walking, etc.

Windshield Wipers

windshield wipers exercise gif

⚫ Lie on the floor and back pressed against the floor.
⚫ Now, with your legs straight, raise it on right side at least 6 inches from the floor and then lower the legs few inches from the floor and then hold it.
⚫ Get back to the starting position and do it on the other side.

Seated Twists

Seated Twists

⚫ Sit on a chair or on a stability (exercise) ball) with back straight and eyes looking entirely forward.
⚫ Hold then your arms stretched in front of you in a shoulder height.
⚫ Now, turn your upper body to one side as far as it can go and hold into such position for 10 counts,
⚫ Get back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches gif

⚫ Lie on your back on the floor with hands behind your hand.
⚫ Raise both legs 6 inches above the floor, and bend one right knee.
⚫ Now, bring the left elbow towards the right bent knee and do it also on the other side with left knee bent and bring right elbow to the bent knee. Do it alternately.
⚫ You are as if pedaling on a bicycle.
⚫ Do as many steps as you can.

Exercise Ball Side Crunch

Exercise Ball Side Crunch gif

⚫ This is an exercise that specifically targets the waist.
⚫ Lie on your side on the exercise ball with your feet apart flat on the ground for stability.
⚫ Now, do crunches on side raising the body off the ball. Bend on your waist and pressed it ⚫ really to get the full effect of the exercise.

Russian Twist

Russian Twist ball  gif

⚫ This exercise to reduce waist is one of the hardest exercises but can improve strength.
⚫ Lie on your back on a stability/exercise ball with feet flat on the ground and few inches apart.
⚫ Hold hands together and move it to sides together with your upper body and hold for 5-10 seconds. Go back on the center and repeat on the other side.

There you go! Keep practicing, do this workout and the results will not hesitate to come!