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The Best Fat Burning Exercises To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

The best fat burning exercises to burn stubborn belly fat will not only help you reduce a lot of fat accumulated on your belly but do so quickly. Finding the right exercises will really help to get rid of stubborn fat all over your body body, especially on your belly, hips, and thighs. For the guys out there you tend to develop fat in belly first while you ladies tend to accumulate fat mostly over hips and thighs. Even though the fat builds up in different ares it can still be attacked the same way. Some good exercises will really help to reduce fat but it is also important to include a good dietary plan to ensure the best results

Dieting along with proper exercises is the secret to make your fat disappear quickly. In fact you can begging to see a difference in a as little as a week. By now you must be wondering, what are those best fat burning exercises to burn stubborn belly fat that he is talking about. Here they are

Interval Cardio Training

This is the absolute best method to burn fat. This is an exercise method, not a specific exercise. There are a few different exercises that you can do with this method to boost your metabolic rate and burn more fat than you thought possible

You can do intervals with just about any exercise but some of the best at burning that stubborn fat are

skipping rope

Weight Lifting

Getting in the gym and lifting weights is an excellent way to burn fat both at the gym and throughout the day. This is because it helps build muscle, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn with every activity you do. That includes walking to watching TV to walking your dog

When it comes to weight training as an exercise to burn stubborn belly fat your best bet is to use exercise that use your big muscle groups. You will want to stay away from the single joint exercises like triceps kickbacks. Instead get as much of you body involved as you can. Your top choices to burn the most fat are

push ups
pull ups

Your weight training exercises work best if you keep the reps low and the weight heavy. Work in the 6 to 8 rep range. If you are able to complete 12 – 15 reps time to increase your weight. For even better results do the exercises in a circuit fashion

The key to get rid of fat is to burn lots of calories. The best way to do so is to workout with a high intensity and use your bigger muscle groups. Your metabolism will increase and your weight will drop. As you can see you have lots of options when it comes to exercise selection. Be sure to mix it up and do something everyday. Just to recap here are the best fat burning exercises to burn stubborn belly fat

You will get the best results if you do those exercises in an interval fashion, working hard for a short time, alternate that with an easy work interval