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The 10 Commandments of Fat Loss

As with any other area of your life that you want to be successful at, and this includes fat loss, you must plan ahead and follow a certain plan. This article will present you the 10 commandments of fat loss, which, if followed religiously will yield excellent results. So, lets begin:

1. You will plan ahead

This is the simplest and yet most profound commandment. In order to be successful in any area of life, you need to plan ahead.

2. You will eat clean foods 90% of the time

Following a clean food diet, 100% of the time would make some people go insane. That’s why everyone needs to enjoy their favorite meal every once in a while, like a piece of cake, a tasty burger or a pizza, whatever they like. That’s what the other 10% mean. The important thing here is that you don’t feel bad about eating junk food thinking that you broke your diet. This is where many people simply break down and start binging which is definitely not good.

That’s why people plan ahead and reserve a special meal once a week where they can just enjoy themselves, also known as a cheat meal. As soon as you’re finished eating your cheat meal you should go back to your diet and eat clean foods as you were before. If we do the math and assume you eat 4 meals a day, 7 days a week, that adds up to a total of 28 meals. 90% of 28 is around 25 meals comprised of clean foods and 3 meals where you can eat anything you want.

3. You will eat protein with every meal or snack

Protein is very satiating. It helps you repair the damaged muscle tissue and recover properly from training. Replacing the simple carbs found in white bread, cookies, pastries, sugar etc., with lean protein sources is a smart move for continuous fat loss.

4. You will lift weights

This is the most logical commandment, actually. If you want to achieve a perfectly sculpted body, you must incorporate some kind of resistance training. Cardio will not be enough, so if you’re already walking and running and thinking that is enough to transform your body, it isn’t. Any type of meaningful resistance training will suffice. You can do bodyweight training and you will definitely see some results.

5. You will include vegetables in each meal

Some people believe that it is preferable that you consume vegetables at night. This is wrong. You can mix them in your eggs and have a healthy breakfast, add them in a wrap for lunch, or you can add all sorts of them in your salads and at every possible meal. There aren’t many foods in your diet that can give you more bang for your buck than vegetables.

 6. You will not eat cereals that have cartoons on the box

If you are a breakfast eater (and don’t follow intermittent fasting), it doesn’t mean that you should eat junk filled with sugar, and that’s exactly what this food is, which is why you need to eliminate them from your diet altogether.

7. You will drink about a gallon of pure water every day

There is nothing less caloric and safer to drink than water. Water is literally the thing that keeps us alive. In fact, our body are over seventy percent water and we always have to put more in it because we lose a certain amount by just existing.

Water boosts your metabolism and helps you keep your appetite in check by reducing your hunger. Research shows that people who drink a couple of glasses of water before a meal will eat less food. When you don’t drink enough of it, your kidneys can’t work as well, and the workload transfers to your liver instead.

8. You will move every day

This commandment may sound very similar to the 4th, but it’s not. Moving in addition to weight training. Lifting weights is a great exercise, but let’s assume you already do that for an hour a day, and that would be “a lot” for the majority of people. What do you do the other 23 hours? It’s a safe bet you’re sitting, presumably all day at the office or all night watching TV. If this is you, it safe to say that you’re an “active couch potato”. This is why you need to move as much as possible.

Take a walk during your lunch break or move around the office every 30 minutes, just to stretch your legs. Go out after work, hike, jog, ride a bike, whatever. Just move.

9. You will add fruit to your diet

Very often we hear that fruit contains too much sugar or that certain fruits should be avoided. However at the same time fruits are loaded with fiber (which helps in fat loss and digestion) and healthy nutrients. Replace the sweets you eat with fruits and you are on the right track.  The more colors of food you eat, the better, which is why you need to consume a mix a good variety of dark-colored fruits every day.

10. You will only consume ingredients that you can pronounce

What we mean by this is that you eat less packaged foods. This rule also applies to “energy” bars, energy drinks, shakes and many other pseudo-health foods, even the ones they advertise themselves as organic, which actually have lots of nasty stuff in them. That’s why it’s always better to cook your food. This will be the only way you know you’re eating healthy.

You can print out this list and keep it close to you. That way you will always look at it and be reminded of these commandments which will certainly help you with losing the excess weight, make you more healthy and energetic and improve your overall quality of life.