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Sushi Eater Has Hand Amputated After Eating Raw Fish

Raw fish… for the most part we tend to think we can get away with it, at least in small doses.

However, one auld fella recently learnt not to f**k with the stuff after some sushi when his meal ultimately ended in him having his hand and forearm amputated.

In a drastic incident enough to scare anyone into becoming a vegetarian, 12 hours after the man ate the fish his left hand swelled up and left him in excruciating pain.

Before he could say uramaki, massive blisters and bruising appeared on the 71-year-old South Korean man’s hand thanks to a bacterial infection he’d caught from eating the raw seafood, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Medics arrived and leaked the blisters before removing the infected tissue before prescribing the man with antibiotics.

But the treatment was unsuccessful. The man had flesh-rotting ulcers on his hand – the extent of which became so severe there was no other choice but to cut his hand off.

There are a plethora of well-liked raw and undercooked fish and shellfish items on menus today. For healthy individuals, these foods can generally be consumed safely when they’re from reputable restaurants or markets that use fresh, high-quality ingredients and follow proper food safety practices.

However be aware of these menu items, especially if you’re in the high-risk category, since they contain raw or undercooked seafood: sushi, sashimi, raw oysters or clams on the half shell, ceviche, crudo, gravlax, poke, tuna tartare and tuna carpaccio.

Now that’s what I call bad sushi!