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How To Boost Your Stamina and Libido With Just 7 Exercises

Overview of libido and stamina

A libido is basically your level of desire to have a se*ual intercourse. To achieve a wonderful se* life, it’s a must for you to have a higher libido. There are many reasons behind losing a desire to have a se*.

Some of the common reasons for low libido are stress, anxiety, low testosterone, chronic illness, sleep problems, aging, and more. Remember, the first thing you need to have a wonderful se* life is a higher level of libido. It also leads to a low frequency of se* with your partner, and it’s one of the major reasons for a divorce, according to the study.

On the other hand, stamina is the ability to go on and on with your physical and mental works. A higher level of stamina is needed for performing your day to day activities, whether it is your personal works or your professional works.  In order for you to satisfy your partner in the bed, you need to have a good stamina. With a higher stamina, you will be able to last long in the bed with your partner.

Exercises to increase your libido and stamina

There are numerous ways to increase your libido and stamina, and an exercise is one of them. Among many exercises, we have compiled some of the extremely simple exercises for you to help you improve your libido and stamina.


The first exercise to start off the list is a squat. It’s a simple exercise, and I believe most of you have already tried out this exercise in the past. This exercise impacts most of the muscles in your body, which activates the hormone, resulting in a better se* drive. It also enhances the blood flow in the pelvic region, strengthening your lower body and increasing the quality of your orgasm. For the beginners, it’s better to perform a squat without adding weights, but you can add weight later after some weeks to increase the impact of the squat.


It is one of the powerful exercises that can significantly enhance your stamina and endurance. Performing planks workouts your whole body muscles. You must keep your body straight to perform this exercise correctly. You can start this exercise with both arms, and then shift your whole weight to only one arm. You should repeat this exercise for at least a minute, to begin with. After a month of doing this exercise, you can slowly increase the duration.

Alternative Lunge

Another great exercise to strengthen your lower body and to increase your stamina is an alternative lunge. It enhances the stability of your body and also develops your lower back and abdomen muscles. This exercise greatly enhances the level of testosterone in your body, leading to a better se* drive. You don’t need any kind of special equipment to perform this exercise. However, you may want to use dumbbells after some weeks to increase the impact of this exercise.

Repeat this exercise around 10 times to achieve a better result from this workout.

Interval Training

Interval training is a very easy workout to perform. It tremendously increases your endurance and stamina. This training can be performed anywhere you like—home, in your garden, on a park, in a treadmill.  This training starts with a little warm-up. After you are done with a warm-up, increase your speed and run as fast as you can for some time for at least 30 seconds. You can then slow down for a couple of minutes. Continue repeating this step for several times.

However, HIIT workouts for a very long duration may decrease your se* drive as shown by the study.


Kegels are one of the most popular exercises for enhancing se*ual health of both genders. These exercises can also help in overcoming se*ual dysfunction like an erectile dysfunction among men, according to the study. It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, and improves the flow of blood to your se*ual organs. Performing Kegels regularly can greatly improve your se*ual performance, which will help you in improving your overall se* life.


The pushup is one of the most common exercises for both men and women. It strengthens your overall muscles in your upper body. This exercise is recommended for every person in the gym. A strong upper body will help you to last long in the bed with your partner. I believe you can easily perform pushups. For those people who have trouble performing regular push-ups can opt for knee pushups at first to slowly increase their strength.

Perform around 3-4 sets of pushups with 15 or more reps each set.

Leg raise

The final exercise on the list to help you enhance your se* life is leg raise. The core strength lies in your lower back, middle, and abdomen area while performing this workout. Performing this exercise regularly will help you last longer in the bed with your partner due to increased stamina. You can start performing this exercise by lying on the ground with your legs straight. Your toes should be kept pointed and you should slowly start raising your legs. After you raise your legs up, hold it for some time, and then slowly bring it down. Repeat this step for some time.


You will feel a lot better with a better stamina and libido. A higher libido will ultimately lead to a better se* life, which will improve your overall health and your career as well. The study shows that a person with an active se* life is more likely to perform well in their workplace in comparison to those with a passive se* life. Make sure you add these exercises to your fitness routine to experience a tremendous boost in your stamina and libido.