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What You Need to Know About Transforming Your Body from Chubby to Six-pack Abs

Generally, muscle definition is the sign of real fitness and health, but achieving six pack abs is one of the greatest weight room achievements. This is only achieved by reducing the body fat and most importantly the fat held in your abdomen. Besides, it is commendable to commit yourself to reducing the body fat to attain a healthy BMI, which is the ratio of your body weight to height.

The most effective way to achieve a healthier weight is mostly including unprocessed foods with reduced calorie in the diet and doing plenty of exercises. However, you will have to adopt more extreme fat-loss activities if you want to commit yourself further to attain the desired results within a shorter period of time.

Achieving impressive six-pack abs depends on the level of your obesity, genetics, and willingness to sacrifice for extreme weight loss exercises. Therefore, with considerable work, it is possible for some obese people to achieve a six-pack, but the focus should be maintaining good health.

What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat?

Burning most belly fat is the ultimate dream of any person working on transforming his or her body from chubby to six-pack abs. A flat and toned stomach first when losing weight allows your body to show clear abs definition. Additionally, it is motivating especially when you start getting those compliments from family and friends or when you find yourself clothes that have not fit you for long.

However, to burn the most of the belly fat you will be required to stick to your routine exercises and healthy eating plan, but for faster results, you can try weight loss pills. Some of the exercises that burn the most belly fat include:

•    Running on an incline

Studies have shown that running on an inclined surface increases calories burn by 50 percent. You can start this exercise by walking up a hill or on an inclined treadmill at the gym for 10-15 minutes and then jog before running 30-45 minutes daily to help your body adapt easily. Finally, you can start alternating about 10 minutes of jogging with the same time of running.

•    Exercising with the rowing machine

Using a rowing machine is one of the most effective ways of burning the most belly fat. Rowing pushes your heart rate up, which aids in burning fat and blasting calories and also working muscles in your arms, legs, back, and shoulders. This helps in increasing your muscles and thus it is also effective to get from chubby to six-pack abs. However, if you start with a considerably high body fat or weight, you try with diet pills such as PhenQ to get your body to levels that you can easily continue with exercises. You can check PhenQ reviews to learn the benefits of using the dietary supplement for weight loss and six-pack abs program.

•    Squats

This is another simple but effective exercise that enables you to lose most of the belly fat. Squat exercises work different muscle groups, which allows you to ramp up the intensity as the exercise lets certain muscles to relax while in different positions.

What exercises to do at home to lose belly fat?

If belly fat is giving you sleepless nights or making it hard for you to fit in some of your clothes, there are several simple exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home that effectively burns belly fat. However, to achieve the desired results, you need to include a healthy diet plan and include about an hour of simple but intense routine exercises. Some of the exercises to do at home to lose belly fat include:

•    Crunches

Crunches are the most effective fat burning exercises that you can comfortably do at home for faster results. The exercise involves lying down flat on your back with your feet on the ground, and the knees bent. You can then lift your legs off the ground, and then lift your hands and keep them crossed on your chest or behind your head. Finally, you can swing your legs to the sides as you inhale deeply while raising your upper torso off the ground.

•    Lunge twist

Lunge twist is an ideal workout for beginners who want to lose their belly fat quickly. For this exercise, you need to stand while maintaining a hip-width distance between your feet and keep your knees slightly bent. Then, lift your hands and align them with your shoulders before lunging forward. Next, stretch and take a huge step forward with either of your legs while keeping your spine straight.

•    Rolling plank workout

This exercise targets all the muscles around your hip, lower back and most importantly abdomen. Start with your body lying on the floor and then adjust your position while resting your elbows and knees on the floor. Look forward and ensure your neck aligns with the spine. You can then lift your knees and stand on your toes. Others include cycling, running, bending side by side, swimming, walking and much more.

What foods to eat to lose belly fat

When it comes to losing belly fat, the foods that you include in your diet plays a very key role in ensuring that you get the desired results. The foods should have healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Such foods include:

•    Almonds and other nuts

•    Spinach and other leafy, green vegetables

•    Legumes

•    Dairy products

•    Lean meats such as turkey meat

•    Whole grains

•    Olive oil

•    Berries

What can you drink to lose weight?

Just as you should be keen on the foods that you include in your diet plan, it is also important to ensure that you only take healthy drinks or those that allow you to lose weight. It is advisable to drink water enough water half hours before taking your meals. If you are a tea or coffee drinker, you should also take them regularly as they contain caffeine that helps to boost your metabolism.

How do you get abs?

Getting a six-pack is not only building muscular abs or losing little weight but also shed a great deal of body fat. Carrying too much body fat makes it hard for your body to show abs definition as it is not lean enough even when the fats are within relatively healthy levels.

The obese level of fat in men is usually considered to be more than 25 percent and 32 percent for women. On the other hand, the athletic or healthy level of body fats in men is between 14 to 17 percent while for women it is 21 to 24 percent. Therefore, your six-pack does not show until you lower your body fats levels below the general fitness levels.

This will require you to start on your exercise and diet plan to lose your body fat and weight to right levels. However, you will have to focus on following your program and settling in for extended haul.

What foods help your abs?

Attaining six-packs even for a considerably lean person requires great discipline. This involves setting and strictly following your exercise and diet plan. The foods that help your abs are those that mostly consist of lean proteins such as flank steak or chicken, and green, leafy vegetables. Besides, it is also advisable to cook your meals diligently and ensure that you measure the right portion sizes to avoid the risk of taking excess calories or macronutrients in the wrong ratio. Finally, it is also important to reduce your carbohydrates and sugar intake to achieve the desired results quickly.

How long does it take to get a six-pack?

The time that your body takes to get from chubby to six-pack abs mainly depends on your starting point and your commitment to fitness and the diet plan. Therefore, if you are relatively high body fat or overweight or you are not dedicated enough to your program, it will take longer than a person who already has a considerably lean and fit body.

What are the best exercises for abs?

Choosing the best exercises for abs enables you to get from chubby to six-pack abs within a relatively shorter time. Some of the best exercises for abs include:

•    Knee raise or hanging leg raise exercises

•    Kneeling cable crunch

•    Squat

•    Decline Russian twist

•    Exercise-ball pike

•    Machine crunch

Overall, nothing feels better like getting from chubby to six-pack abs, especially when it comes to the comments that you get from friends and family. Besides, attaining six-packs involves losing weight, which enables you to fit in the clothes that have not been fitting yours for years. However, to achieve the results, you are required to commit to a healthy diet and routine weight loss exercises such as the ones mentioned above. It is advisable to start with light exercises such as jogging, walking, and swimming before advancing to more intense workout programs to allow your body to adapt well to the exercises.