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Top 3 Amazing Protein Sources

Protein, protein, protein… What would your muscles do without it? The simple truth is that protein is crucial to building up body mass.
Yes, carbs and fat also play an important part in muscle-building. They are, however, no way near as important as protein! But don’t forget, carbs are also necessary, as they provide you with the energy needed for workouts.
Now, you should always remember this – not all proteins are the same! I strongly recommend you put a bit of thought into choosing your protein sources, as some of them might have disadvantages, often associated with an increase in cholesterol levels.
But do not worry! In this article, I’ll share with you 3 amazing sources of protein, that you might want to find out more about.
Some Fantastic Sources Of Protein
1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Yes, this delicious treat is on the list and for a good reason! Peanut butter provides your body with most of the protein that it needs and can also stimulate the production of testosterone. As I said, however, there are some disadvantages, so you need to be cautious. Most mass-market brands of peanut butter, for example, don’t contain enough protein to meet most people’s needs.  
If you didn’t, now you know. Try to stick to natural brands of peanut butter with as few additives as possible, and enjoy with moderation. Then, believe me, you’ll get the needed protein to build your muscles! 
2. Moose Meat

Moose Meat

Moose certainly is one of the best meats out there in the market! If you are looking for high-quality protein meat with little fat, this is the way to go! What makes moose meat great is that compared to other meats, like beef, chicken or lamb, it contains considerably less fat. So you can eat more of it without consuming too many calories. This makes moose meat quite hard to resist!
3. Nuts


Nuts, as you may already know, are an excellent source of protein and make a very good snack! Almost all nuts are great for you, but there is a slight downside. Along with protein come calories. And quite a lot of them. Even a moderate portion of nuts packs plenty of calories. Eating a handful of almonds is like eating a protein bar! Did you realise that nuts have that many calories?
So pay attention to which nuts you include in your diet but, also be mindful of how much of them you eat. They can easily give you a few extra pounds, that you don’t need. If consumed moderately, though, nuts are a fantastic source of protein! 
Final thoughts… 

I highly recommend that you explore these three great protein source for yourself. They can help you a lot with building the muscle mass. Don’t forget about the downsides, of course.