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How to Stretch Your Entire Body In Just 15 Min

It’s not constantly comfortable to choose which workouts to do for certain body parts, that’s why exercising can be hard. Moreover, finding time to do them can be difficult, as well. Hereunder are several workouts that you do to each of your particular body parts and you only have to spend 15 minutes of it per day.

  • Squats

This powerful routine helps tone your body & burn a significant amount of calories. And to enhance your calories burns & increase your gluts, fortify the heart rate, and you may attempt to perform squats or to remain in a squat-hold carrying dumbbells on each hand to intensify the resistance level and feel the tension in your muscles. 

One of the treatments for arthritis is by doing the squats on a regular basis. It is a natural way to transmute your body since your knees are being worked out.  In order to do a perfect squat, keep your feet flat on the ground and ensure your knees are behind your toes. Your hips should be below the top of your knee. Don’t round your upper back.  Keep your chest up.

  • Lunges

To further develop leg muscles, try the lunges. This workout routine will provide you with such remarkable outcomes since they isolate each leg independently, helping a make-over to the body. And to add cardio and at the same time boost intensity, you can try jump lunges. It is suggested that you make 3 sets of about 10 lunges in a day to attain best results. 

You can do lunges with dumbbells or barbells. Do overhead lunges, lunge plus butt kicks, reverse lunge plus knee raise, stationary lunge plus knee raise plus twist, 360 lunges with dumbbells or barbells, and a lot more of variations.

  • Planks

Planks are an amazing exercise to tone your boobs, back and arms. It only takes 1 minute a day. If you do 60 seconds, work your way up with the plank challenge. It’s super easy. 

To do the proper plank, cross your hands together, place your elbows about shoulder-width apart under your chest, crone your tailbone to straighten your back and hold for up to 60 seconds.  There are a lot of ways to do planks. 

Some of which are the following: forearm plank, plank jacks, plank with leg lifts, plank with donkey kick, high plank, plank with shoulder taps, plank salutes, bear plank, plank with knee drops, commando plank, plank step-overs, plank with side taps, plank with rows, plank with head tap, triceps plank, superman plank, travelling plank, plank rotation, plank with hand taps, and plank with hip dips.

  • Ball Twist

Here’s a great one for your core. All you have to do is begin by means of placing your back touching the wall and bend your knees outward. Grasp the treatment ball at ribcage level and gradually twist from left to right sideways. By squeezing the medicine or treatment ball, every now and then will also relieve you of any types of arthritis especially if you avoid eating foods high in uric acid.

  • Tabletop leg extension

This exercise is great for your thighs and bottom. It’s a great modification of your usual tabletop workout. For extra advantage, wear some ankle and wrist weights. These will provide you with certain extra resistance and additional workouts. Pop yourself upon your hands and knees.  Stretch one leg up and back while at the same time, stretch the opposite hand up and forward. Hold for 5 seconds. Go back to initial position and work the other side.

Another version is the table top leg and extension curl. Start in a tabletop position with the wrists under the shoulders and knees under your hips. Lift one leg to your thigh parallel to the ground until up to your bended knee that your foot is pointing towards the sky. As you extend your leg pointing your toes and flexing your thigh as you curl your leg to starting position, use your hamstring to bend your leg and repeat.

  • Pushups

Since push-ups are harder to perform, people avoid doing it although it can make wonders to your physique. There are a lot of various pushups that work a variety of muscles in the arms and shoulders. To lower your risk of being tired with workouts, try to modify your pushup flair. Not only do pushups tone and work the upper body, but also tone and work the core.

Do pushups a couple of days every week to help form and tone the chest, arms, and shoulders. In order to do pushups correctly, place your hands chest-width apart. Lower your arms until your upper arm is parallel to the floor and push back up to the original position. 

  • Dead bug exercise

Despite the creepy name, this exercise is also great for your core. It’s called the dead-bug exercise because you look like a dead bug lying on its back.  There are a few versions of this workout. The dead bug low back exercise which is designed to help prevent, reduce and overcome low back pain.

For the first version of the dead bug exercise, lie on your back with your arms comfortably at your sides and knees and hips slightly bent. Contract your core then raise your arm just to shoulder level and start exercising by marching your right leg, knees up, toes up, and hold that position for a second at the top then lower your leg back down. Repeat on your left leg and do it alternately with your legs.

The important thing here is to move in a comfortable pace without letting your spine move at all. Maintain an abdominal brace and only bring your knee at hip height. Another version is the beginner’s version.

It is by lying down on your back and stretch your arms up to touch your knees. Lower one leg and arm down until almost touching the floor, keeping the opposite arm and leg in the same position. Return to the initial position and work the other half.


These exercise routine may be hard at the start. But as you go along religiously, you will then realize that your body is getting used to it. And at the end, your body is benefiting from it more.