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How To Eat To Gain Muscle Fast and Build The Body You Want!

Part of being able to build your body is knowing how to eat to gain muscle. Lets face it, if you don’t eat right then you arekilling a huge part of the process of gaining muscle.

The reason that many of us don’t eat right is because we don’t want to give up some of those foods that we love so muchthat are really counter-productive to what we are trying to achieve. That’s right, all that junk we love to eat so much arekeeping us from building the body that we work so hard for in the gym.

You need to consume a lot of the foods that are good clean sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and yes, even carbs!

You must also consume calories than the normal amount it would take you to maintain the weight you are right now. Youshould probably take in about 500 more per day. Just be sure to stay consistent with your weight lifting regimen and you willbuild muscle mass and ultimately gain weight.

Following a diet where you eat 5 – 6 times per day is a great way to eat to gain muscle. It is actually the best way to eatperiod! Its actually better for the metabolism, and if you are eating the good muscle building foods that you should be eating(see my list of favorite foods below!) then you should have no problem gaining muscles fast with little fat.

My Example For a 5 Meal Day

For your first meal have breakfast, then later on before lunch have a banana and maybe a protein shake, have a decent lunch of maybe grilled chicken and rice with vegetables, for your fourth meal have a yogurt or a tuna fish sandwich, then for dinner have a steak with sweet potatoes and veggies and a shake.

My Favorite Foods You May Like

Grilled Chicken, Baked Chicken, Steak, Salmon, Tilapia,Whiting, Tuna Fish, Yogurt, Sliced Apples, Rice and Beans,
Spaghetti, Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Broccoli, Spinach, and more. And of course lots of water!