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Get Your Dream Body in Just 4 Weeks with These Easy Exercises

Get Your Dream Body in Just 4 Weeks with These Easy Exercises

The holidays are coming, and we bet that you would like to be in your best shape to welcome them! Well, you know what you need to help you succeed, don’t you? A healthy diet and a right exercise routine that is! But with our busy schedules, it is easy to say that you do not have the time to spend hours at the gym. 

So what we have prepared for you are 7 super easy and not at all time-consuming exercises that you can do at home and get the look from your dreams as you prepare your body for this year’s Christmas holidays! With these exercises, you will be able to organize your time the way you want to and still enjoy the effects that they will provide in just four weeks! That is right – what these exercises promise is to get your body nicely shaped in just four weeks.

Can you imagine that? Now let’s see what we are talking about!

 Why chose exercise?

Exercising is the best way to get your body prepared for this holiday season.

 It will able you to strengthen up your muscles, lose that body fat and get rid of any unwanted body weight for sure. 

A healthy diet, proper exercise and some of the best diet pills is a combination that guarantees you a body of your dreams! Not to mention all the health benefits that exercising brings to your life. 

And what is a better way to get your body protected against all the common colds, viruses and infections that threaten your body during the cold, winter days than a healthy lifestyle? So why not try the following super easy exercises that we have to share with you to fulfill that goal of yours of having a body to show off this holiday season? We are talking about spending approximately 10 minutes to perform the following seven exercises for four weeks to get to enjoy all of the health benefits that they have to offer apart from getting your body prepared!

The 7 super easy exercises that will get you the body of your dreams in just four weeks!

Plank – Let’s start with what it seems to be one of the best yet underrated exercises of all time – the plank. 

Planks GIFs

Easy to perform at home, the plank requires no special equipment whatsoever. 

It will get your body nicely shaped with the help of some of the best diet pills and a healthy diet plan! It will build your core and make your abs and shoulders stronger than ever.


push up gif

It might be a bit hard to perform at the beginning, but it is not impossible! Not to mention how much exactly is worth it to keep practicing your push-ups since every single muscle in your body benefits from it! Not to mention all of the health benefits that you get from this single bodyweight exercise referring to your muscles, joints, and blood flow!



– Squats are what will help you get your leg nicely shaped enough for you to want to show them off instead of hiding them under a long dress this holiday season! Your buttocks, things, and ankles will get the most effect from this exercise. 

But beware – if you are experiencing any problems with your knees, this exercise is strongly not recommended for you. You would not like risking experiencing any health issues, don’t you?

Abs exercises 

Abs exercises

– Get your abs nicely firm and shaped with the help of the sure easy abs exercises that do not require any special equipment, only your strong will and motivation to complete your workout session!

Bird-dog pose 

Bird-dog pose

– It is time to use some of the effects that yoga promises us! The bird-dog pose is perfect for any yoga beginners out there as it does not require any previous, special knowledge in the topic. 

The bird dog pose will strengthen your core and help you relieve any back pain that you might have been suffering from. 

Plus, regular practice of this pose will increase the range of motion in your shoulders and spine and increase your spine’s flexibility. Not to mention how yoga will help you calm both your body and mind and relief any stress from the upcoming holiday session.

Donkey kicks 

Donkey kicks

– What the donkey kicks will do for you is help you strengthen up your buttocks and get your butt to look like as if you have spent all of your life in a gym! It is an easy enough exercise that does not take a lot of time to perform and enjoy the beneficial effects that it promises. 

Not to mention that no special equipment is required – only your favorite yoga mat and you are all set!

One-legged down dog 

One-legged down dog

– Let’s finish off with another great yoga pose that you can use to strengthen your core, improve your balance and stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors. 

Your arms will also benefit from this yoga pose as you feel them strengthen up and become nice and firm enough for you to want to show them off!


If you are interested in getting your body nicely shaped and prepared well enough to show it off during the following holiday season, then you have come to the right place! What we have prepared for you is a workout season that will take approximately 10 minutes of your day and get your body prepared in just four weeks! We are talking about seven super easy exercises that even a beginner to exercising can perform with no problem whatsoever! All that you need to do is follow this exercise routine and add the benefits of a healthy diet plan to it as well.