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Gaining Lean Muscle Mass – 2 Mistakes You Must Never Make

There are so many tips online for gaining lean muscle mass, it’s very difficult to get started. A lot of people get so BOGGED DOWN the plethora of tips that they don’t even know where to start.
Getting ripped muscles is NOT rocket science
When you follow a few SIMPLE rules you will get ripped in 14-30 days or less. It does not take years and years like most believe. Here are 2 mistakes that prevent most from ever getting results:
#1) Doing TOO MANY different exercises

I can’t empathize how important this is. Sure your fitness trainer might have told you that you need to do leg curls, calf raises, pull overs, and all those other ridiculous “machine exercises”.
And since they are tiring it FEELS like you are making progress. But they are useless for gaining lean muscle mass.
You are NOT
There are only a FEW exercises matter in terms of muscle mass. Cutting out all the “minutia”-and focusing on the few that make a difference-is how to get results.
This way you save your energy for the few important ones and avoid wasting energy on the trivia few that really don’t make any difference.

What are the few that matter?
Exercises that target as many fibers as possible. Examples are lunges, squats, and deadlifts… but there are plenty more. “Free weight workouts” are always the best.
#2) Following a high protein diet
Don’t get me wrong-this nutrient is important-without this you won’t build tissue. It just doesn’t need to be eaten in the massive quantities that most bodybuilders do.
What are the best sources?
Nuts, seeds, fish, and eggs. I would stay away from red and other fatty meats. And remember-50 grams a day in many instances is all that’s needed-anything more is OVERKILL. Eating SIMPLE FOODS is key for gaining lean muscle mass.