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Best Foods Testosterone-Boosting

Testosterone is the dominant male se*** hormone that plays a number of vital roles within the human body. It is responsible for libido, aggression, strength, athletic performance, metabolism, and muscle mass and tone. Generally, individuals with high natural testosterone levels tend to be more athletic, stronger, and more muscular than people with lower testosterone levels.

 The problem is that by the time we hit our late twenties, natural testosterone levels begin to steadily decline, making us weaker, more prone to fat gain, and making it much harder for us to build lean muscle mass. There are natural supplements available that are designed to help increase testosterone levels, though some people are skeptical as to whether they even work at all.

 The good news however, is that whether you’re simply growing older, or have naturally low testosterone levels to begin with, you can naturally increase your T levels by simply consuming the right foods. Here we’ll be taking a look at five foods that have been proven to drastically increase natural testosterone levels within a matter of weeks.

1. Shrimp

Best Foods Testosterone-Boosting

 Shrimp is a great food for increasing natural hormone levels within the body, especially testosterone. One of the main reasons for this is because shrimp is packed full of vitamin D, which helps to replenish testosterone. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient which helps the body to absorb the mineral Calcium.

 A number of studies over the years however, have revealed that vitamin D deficiencies have been heavily linked with low testosterone levels. Not only that, but studies have also revealed that individuals that consumed foods rich in vitamin D, also saw increases in natural testosterone levels after a few weeks. Shrimp is ideal as it is rich in vitamin D, and on top of that, is also rich in protein and amino acids, which have also been linked with testosterone production.

2. Oysters 

Best Foods Testosterone-Boosting

 Oysters are considered a natural aphrodisiac and one of the main reasons for this is because they help to increase testosterone levels, which play a role in libido and se*** health and function. Oysters are rich in a number of minerals including selenium, magnesium, and zinc, all of which have been found to be very beneficial when it comes to natural hormone production within the body. Again, they are also rich in protein and amino acids which promote lean muscle mass.


Best Foods Testosterone-Boosting

 Bananas are another food that is ideal when it comes to testosterone production for a number of different reasons. The reason for this is that they contain what is known as the bromelain enzyme, potassium, and B vitamins. These nutrients all help to naturally boost testosterone production within the body, and as bananas are rich in all of the above, they’re absolutely ideal.

4. Organic eggs

 Despite what some people may say about egg yolks and cholesterol, providing you don’t go mad by consuming too many each day/week, a couple of egg yolks per day isn’t going to do your cholesterol levels any harm at all. In fact, new research suggests that the cholesterol found within egg yolks could help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

 Organic eggs are so beneficial for testosterone levels because they’re rich in protein and boast a complete amino acid profile, containing more amino acids than any other food. Protein and amino acids both help increase testosterone levels so they’re absolutely ideal. They also contain vitamins and minerals which also assist in natural testosterone production as well.

5. Lean red meat

Best Foods Testosterone-Boosting

 Lean red meat such as rump steak is one of the most effective foods for increasing testosterone levels due to the fact that not only is it so high in protein and amino acids, it also contains large doses of minerals such as iron and zinc, which as you now know, are both great when it comes to increasing testosterone. Not only that, but the zinc found within red meat is also found in a form which is very easily absorbed by the body, allowing it to get to work much quicker.

Be sure to have at least one of these five foods that boost testosterone on your daily menu.