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This BodyWeight Biceps Workout Will Make Your Muscle Grow And Burn!

If you want to build muscles and get stronger biceps at home using your body weight, this set of biceps workout is perfect for you! Larger and stronger biceps are really good to look at (especially in men), but more than that, they are also important in doing workouts that strengthen the back and improves posture.

But before you go on trying these biceps workout, always keep in mind that building muscle isn’t something that happens overnight. Lifting weights and working out won’t make you gain muscles just like that. Your nutrition, meal plans, rest days and even increase testosterone level all play significant parts in your journey towards muscle growth.

Testosterone, as we all know, doesn’t just boost men’s s** drives, it is also integral in building muscle mass and gaining strength. Too low levels of testosterone will not make you gain muscles. Increase testosterone level means greater strength and more muscle mass. Testosterone also increases energy, improves physical performance and enhances recovery.

If you are serious about gaining muscles and improving your physique, you could try testosterone boosters. A male enhancement vitamins that helps increase testosterone levels and contains natural ingredients which are not harmful to the body. Knowing that nutrition, rest and testosterone levels all play valuable roles on your journey, you can now try these biceps workout at home or in the gym using only your bodyweight.

Pull ups

People swear by pull ups to enhance forearm strength and build colossal biceps without the need for any added weights. Pull yourself up on a pull bar with your palms facing outward. Keep in mind the proper form and lead with the chest. Then lower yourself down with control.

Towel pull up is a modification of a regular pull up. You can perform towel pull ups by wrapping a towel or two around a pull up bar. Grab the ends of the towel and use them to pull yourself up like a normal pull up. Keep in mind the proper form and this exercise will benefit not just your forearm strength but will also enhances your grip and your posture.

Chin ups

Chin ups are perfect exercises for your biceps because it places enough stress on them to make them stronger. It’s basically like a regular pull up but your palms are required to face each other or face you (in pull ups, palms face outward). This difference in grip makes the chin up more effective than a regular pull because it engages the biceps more. Perform chin-ups by grabbing the chin up bar with the palms facing each other or facing you and pulling yourself up. Engage your abs and glutes, and pull your shoulders back and down. Then lower yourself back with control.

You can also modify this by using a towel. You can perform towel chin-ups by hanging a towel around the chin up bar and doing your regular chin ups. Towel chin-ups enhance grip strength and strengthen the biceps more than a regular chin up.

Towel bicep curls

You can perform this exercise by standing with your back against the wall and grabbing both ends a towel while putting one foot on a sling. Then bend your arms and pull up against the resistance of the leg. Then release your hold and do the same with the other leg. Keep your core tight and your shoulders down while doing this exercise.

Inverted rows

Inverted rows strengthen the biceps, work the back and engage the core. Basically, you life on the floor below a bar or table, grab the edges and pull yourself up until your chest makes contact with the bar. While doing so, engage your core and contract your abs. Then lower yourself down with control.

Resistance band/TRX bicep curls

Resistance band bicep curls

This exercise is performed by grabbing the ends of a low to medium level resistance band. Place both feet at the center of the band with your arms hanging by the hips. Then bend your elbows and raise your hands up to the shoulders while pulling the band. Then lower the arms with control. Resistance band bicep curls strengthens and lengthens the biceps.

TRX Biceps Curl

Hold the TRX handles with extended arms and facing the anchor point. Lean back and suspend the body at an angle of 45 degrees. Keep your arms at the side, bend the elbows and curl the TRX towards you. Then slowly return to the first position with control. Move the feet closer to the anchor point if you want a challenge.  curls aren’t just great for the forearms but they also engage your core. 

 Doorway curls

Keep your legs apart while standing opposite the door frame. Grab it with both hands and keep a proper posture with shoulders down. Then pull yourself forward until your chest is in contact with the door frame.

You can do three to five sets of each exercise with 8-12 reps each set. Don’t forget to rest in between sets or when you can no longer continue. You can always take a breather first and go then go back to where you left off.


There you have it! 6 Bicep workouts you can try at home without any weights needed. Along with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, enough rest and testosterone levels, these workouts would help you build more muscle mass and attain the physique you’ve always wanted. Consume a lot of liquid before, during and after a workout and don’t forget to rest those muscles for them to grow.