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The 20 Minute Shoulder Killer Workout

The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints of the human body. The ball and socket make-up of this joint makes it extremely vulnerable to injuries while lifting heavy with poor form. Most lifters, experienced and inexperienced, use poorly programmed workouts to hit the anterior, lateral and posterior heads of the shoulder. The shoulder musculature is complex mixture of slow twitch fibres and fast twitch fibres.  This means that you must train in a high and as well as low to moderate rep range. Here's a workout that will help you understand how the shoulders shoulder be trained

Seated Military Press

The key here is to overload and work the front and the lateral deltoids to exhaustion by generating high tension with moderately heavy weight. Control the lowering phase as best as you can and explode up

Lateral Raise

Most dudes fuck this move up pretty bad, so read this carefully. Tuck the elbows on your sides with hammer gripped dumbbells in your hands. Now, don't make a 90 degree angle and start butchering the move. Aim to achieve 90 percent ‘straight outward extension' of the hands without bending the elbows. This is how the lateral head is trained

Seated Arnold Press

Hold both the dumbbells in front of your face and now keep the left dumbbell frozen where it and do 4 reps of Arnold press with the right hand. Now, freeze the right dumbbell and do 4 reps with the left. Reps with each end go down like – 3, 2 and 1 each arm


It's high time you stop ignoring your rear deltoid development. Face-pulls are one of the best exercises that target the posterior delts. Use a supinated grip on the rope and squeeze and hold as best as you can when you pull