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5 Exercises Gain Muscle Mass Fast

It seems as though many more people are becoming interested in health and physical fitness. Individuals of all ages are searching for ways to improve their diets, lose weight and define their physiques. The best way to define your body is by learning how to exercise properly and shifting your weight loss regimen into high gear. Today the hottest trend is for an individual to shed those unwanted excess pounds and attempt to gain muscle mass fast

You can not just go to the gym and expect your body to change without understanding what you need to do. Weightlifting and resistance exercises will help you build muscle and eliminate the excess fat. Begin with light weights that you can handle easily. Once you have established the proper form and mastered the correct number of repetitions you can exchange those lighter weights for weights that are going to provide the physical challenges which are necessary to build muscle. It is important to remember that you should always increase the number of reps in a set of exercises before you attempt to move to heavier weight

If you are fed up with having very little muscle mass then you have probably considered joining a gym or purchasing some weight training equipment. But what do you do once you have made the financial commitment to reaching your goals of a better body

Unfortunately many beginners have very little understanding of how to work out properly and therefore make insignificant progress and eventually give up on their vision of a better body

It is for that reason essential that you know what exercises to do in order to achieve the best possible results

Don’t worry about doing what the person next to you does; if you perform these killer compound exercises then you will be packing on lean muscle mass in no time

Barbell Squat

The Barbell Squat is considered by many bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes to be the king of all lifts. The exercise is performed by resting the bar across the back of the shoulders and stabilizing it into position with your hands, you then “squat” down deep, keeping the back straight, chest out and knees behind the toes. Squats when performed correctly with strict form work the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Lower Back and Glutes. For safety purposes it is always best to perform this exercise in a Squat or Power Rack

Bench Press

Possibly the most famous weightlifting exercise, the Bench Press is the ideal core lift for hitting the chest and triceps. The Bench Press can be performed in variety of different ways including flat, incline, decline and close grip. For the beginner it is always best to start with flat bench press and this can be performed using either a Barbell or Dumbbells
One of the best exercises for building up the lower back, it is performed by “pulling” a barbell from the floor by pushing with your legs and keeping your back straight. The Deadlift also works the muscles in the legs, middle back, traps and forearms making it an incredible full body exercise
Military Press

 The Military Press is performed by holding a barbell at shoulder level slightly in front of your head and then slowly raising it above your head. The Military Press is the ideal core exercise for hitting the shoulders and triceps. This exercise can also be performed behind the neck
Barbell Rows
 This rowing exercise is ideal for developing the middle back as well as the lats and biceps. The barbell row is performed by bending at the waist and keeping the back straight, the barbell is then pulled up towards the chest. This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells