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Top 5 Incredible Exercises For Bodybuilding At Home

Perhaps you aren’t the only one who has a busy daily routine and hates going to the gym, not because you’re a lazy ass, but because of the shortage of time

How about doing “bodybuilding” at home

Even though I visit the gym five times a week, there are times when I’m extremely occupied and commuting those 15-25 minutes to the gym seems impossible. You may even have a different reason for training at home and we have your back with these 5 incredible exercises that allow you to do bodybuilding at home. All you need is a bit of extra space and dedication

Exercises for Bodybuilding at Home


Say what you want but push-ups are one of the best exercises that engage all your body muscles and trains you like hell. It targets the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids

Just do regular push-ups, keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder’s width. Do three sets till failure. Don’t cheat your reps


The pull-up targets more muscles of the body than you can imagine. It’s a very effective at-home exercise for bodybuilding and the results are incredible. You’ll workout on your chest, arms, core and lower back

Simply grab the bar with a wide grip and pull yourself up until the chin is near the bar. Do three sets till failure

It can be hard in the beginning but you’ll eventually get stronger with practice. If wide grip seems too difficult, go with a close grip — it’s easier. With a close grip, you’ll efficiently work on your biceps too

Triceps Dips

Just like the pull-ups, triceps dips also engage several muscle groups in your body. You’ll need a chair or something with a flat surface that you’ll use to push yourself up from while your feet remain positioned on a bench or a chair in front of you at the same level

Simply bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle to lower yourself. Hold the position for a second and push yourself back again. Go for maximum reps

Yoga On Mat

I know it’s not as much in the bodybuilding category but still, yoga plays a crucial role in building up your muscles. In fact, it’s a great way to shape your abs
Especially for women, you can easily develop those s**y six pack abs with different yoga exercises. Try the boat pose also known as Navasana, Supta Padangustasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana and belly crunch and half boat. These are all different variations you can try to get shredded abs


Last but not least are lunges and they help tone up the area below your waist. You can also replace the lunges with squats at times
For a lunge, keep your shoulders down and your arms at your sides or wherever you are best able to utilize them for balance. Look forwards and maintain an upright posture. Keep your back and core steady

Finally, step forward with one lunge and keep the foot pointing forward while the back knee will bend while extending the leg behind you. Don’t touch the ground. Gradually retract to your starting position and do the same by switching legs