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6 Bodybuilding Exercises That Build More Muscular Arms

If you’re really into bodybuilding, you know that one of the main goals of every bodybuilder is to get big, strong, muscular arms. As a matter of fact, almost everyone who works out wants to build some serious arm muscles. Though there’s a number of exercises that promise to deliver outstanding results, you might have noticed that achieving your goal is not all that easy. It often happens that people work out super hard and aren’t able to see the expected results after quite some time in the gym. Now, if you’re one of those bodybuilders who dreams of muscular arms but aren’t progressing with your current workout, chances are that your training routine is to blame for the standstill

Namely, everyone can gain strong, powerful arms with the proper choice of exercises. In other words, you have to change your routine and focus on intense workouts, which requires a lot of effort, dedication and patience

That being said, here are 6 exercises that will turn your dreams into reality


The chin-up is one of the most popular strength exercises, and with good reason. This is the basic exercise for building biceps mass and strengthening all of the supportive upper back musculature. Also, this is among the safest ways to get muscular arms fast, especially if you work out to exhaustion. So, you should definitely start with chin—ups, which will boost your endurance and strength, and then proceed to perform direct arm exercises


If you’re willing to work for those ultra-muscular arms, you’re in luck, as all you need is a bench to build those triceps. Keep in mind, though, that you can even do dips without a bench, performing them on the ground. Apart from being one of the most basic exercises, dips target all three heads of the triceps, which means they are one of the best exercises for building strong arms


This evil-sounding exercise is not recommended for beginners because it can be quite dangerous if not properly performed. That being said, if you dare to try out the skull-crusher, you can be certain that you will eventually build ultra-strong triceps. Even though some people will advise you not to perform them if your goal is to build muscle mass, they can definitely enhance the appearance of your arms. Just remember, you shouldn’t joke with these types of exercises, so make sure to ask someone to show you how they are done

Incline dumbbell curl
This exercise is done on an incline bench, meaning that it won’t be that easy to curl the dumbbells up. Also, your biceps will have to do most of the work, so there’s no way to cheat. Just make sure that your back is flat on the bench so that your shoulders wouldn’t alleviate the stress on the biceps

Overhead Rope Triceps Extensions
Like the name suggest, this exercise is perfect for your triceps. The overhead rope triceps extensions are excellent for building arm muscles because they put continuous stress on your triceps. However, that’s not the only reason why you should include them in your routine – the exercise, which is pretty easy to perform, is elbow-friendly, meaning you won’t have difficulties performing them even if you have elbow pain

Hammer Curl
Another low-intensity exercise, the hammer curl targets your brachialis. This muscle, located in your upper arm, is activated during isometric elbow flexion exercises. Many people mistakenly believe that the brachialis is quite small whereas the truth is that it’s actually quite big, it’s just that it’s hidden beneath your biceps. If you are serious about building arm mass, you should focus on your brachialis as they will push your biceps upward

These are just some of the arm exercises you should incorporate into your workout program if you are determined to build big arm muscles. Remember that all you need is perseverance to get the body you’ve always wanted to have. Stay strong, Vikings