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Start Now: 2-Minutes Ab Workout For Stronger Abs

We are presenting you a group of classic Pilates moves that is the perfect addition to any workout.
It is taken from Lisa Corsello, founder of Burn Pilates and wholehearted Series of Five fans. As she explains it is her favorite set of exercises, which is really focused on the core, and at the same time the arms and legs are moving in different directions and makes it much more challenging.
According to Lisa, it can be a part of any workout, but the best is when is performed after a run to open up the chest and stretch out tired legs. The time you need to spend by incorporating these ab-burning moves into your normal routine is only about two minutes to your workout!

The key to success is to move through each exercise without a break. To make it more challenging you can add a 10-second plank, 10 burpees, or 10 push-ups between each move.

Get this quick ab-toning workout,for stronger abs following the instructions bellow:

Single-Leg Stretch


–Starting position – Laying on your back, hug your knees into your chest, while your abs are completely engaged.
–Try to place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand on your right ankle.
–Stretching your left leg out, keep it a slight bend in the knee. If your angle is too hard you can raise your leg higher toward the ceiling or if not lower it to make the move more difficult.
–Switching legs, repeat the same on another side.
–Alternate the legs for 10 reps, keeping your torso still while switching legs.



–Starting position- laying on your back with knees into your chest, keeping head lifted and hands behind your head,
–Engaging your abs, and using them to draw your right shoulder towards your left knee, twist slightly to the left.
–Extend your right leg out at an angle, while twisting.
–Switch sides as you breathe, and repeat on another side.
Perform 10 reps per leg.

Double-Leg Stretch


–Starting position – laying on your back, bend knees into your chest.
–Lift your head off the mat, engaging your abs and keeping a natural gaze. Hold your ankles or your knees with both hands.
–Inhaling, slowly lengthens your legs away from your torso and press them out with your heels together in a V shape, while your arms should be stopped overhead.
–Exhaling and sweeping your arms down toward your ankles, bend your knees back into your chest, to complete one rep
Perform 10 reps.

Double Straight-Leg Stretch


–Starting position – laying on your back with your knees into your chest, curl your head up with your hands behind it.
–Extend your legs up, keeping them slightly bend your knee.
–Lowering (slowly) bring your legs down to the floor without touching it, and your back arches off the floor.
–Raising slowly your legs back up to starting position.
Perform 10 reps.

Single Straight-Leg Stretch


–Starting position – laying face-up on the mat, lift your upper body up so your shoulders and upper back are off the mat. Your knees should be up to your chest.
–Straightening both legs, extend them up toward the ceiling.
–Grabbing your right leg with both hands, go up as far as you can, while your left leg is extended out.
–Pull your right leg toward your face, then quickly switch legs and repeat with another leg.
Perform this “scissoring” motion for 10 reps per leg.