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The best diet to boost your Testosterone Levels

Alright here is a write up that you people came in to view coz you’re wanting to boost your Testosterone levels. Oh you wouldn’t care for anything when you want to boost the levels of this giant.

Why is testosterone considered important?

Of course before you even get into the diet that we’re about to enlighten you with, you might want to know why is it that testosterone is considered to be one of the most important hormone s that you need while you do your insane workout sessions.

Remember when you always wanted that crazy energy on the final lapse of the run on a treadmill? Or the pump or push of adrenaline when you are into the final set of your pushups? Well then you should know that it is this miraculous hormone named testosterone that enables you to do that. The better the level, the more easy it is to attain that final set or the final lap.

That’s not the only thing that testosterone does. The depth in your voice, the masculinity traits such as the facial hair etc. are all because of the testosterone levels in your body. Following up you will know the diet that shall enhance these levels.

What is the science behind the generation of testosterone in the body?

Like all hormonal releases, this hormonal release is also triggered by the brain.

A hormone named gonadotropin-releasing hormone is released from the hypothalamus of the brain which then travels through the pituitary gland.

What Diet is it that regulates the release of testosterone?

Your diet is the main cause for the release of the testosterone, which flows through the blood and allows the body to be used to increase the muscles size. So lets look into the diet that will help you do so.


The most important part of the diet is the Calories, enabling the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus. But be careful with the intake amount of the calories, as less of it shall decrease the release of the GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) and also the release of the enzyme catalyzing the release of GnRH.

An example high testosterone diet. 

On the other hand, more intake of the same shall result in increased release of Testosterone which get converted to estrogen leading to increase in fats in the body. Hence the accurate amount allows the correct amount of Testosterone flow to help increase the size of the muscles.
A simple way to know what is the correct amount is that multiply your body weight with 18-20 calories. Example, a 180 pounds body builder shall require 3250 to 3600 calories each day.


The next most important diet ingredient is the carbohydrate, your body needs approximately 2 grams of carbohydrates per pound in the body.

Always keep your carbohydrates to proteins ratio to be 2:1 keeping in mind that exceeding of changing the same would lead to dis-balance in the diet and nutrients intake.
Preferable food items that limit your carbohydrates intake consist of low fibre food like white rice instead of brown rice and cream of wheat over the oatmeal.


Well yes this had to come into the list being on the top of the nutrition tree. But this is more of a concern when it comes to the amount of intake of this nutrient. A proper value of 1 gram per pound is to be taken into account when you have to take proteins.

Researches have shown that the decreased amount of the protein intake directly affected the levels of the testosterone in the body. And since most of the proteins come from animal diet, the vegetarian’s testosterone levels fairly lower than the non-vegetarians.


Fats come last in the list but are yet the important enough in the diet list. You need atleast 30% of the diets carbohydrates from the fats intake. But this means it is important to keep measures and not have it overloaded in the form of the polyunsaturated fats content that you get from vegetable oil, salmon or the fatty fish across the table. Always take the intake from the monounsaturated forms such as the nuts, olives, avacados and egg yolks. As crazy as it sounds the poly unsaturated fats decrease testosterone levels, and the mono unsaturated ones increase it.

This being said and read by you, I suppose the enlightenment shall help you grow the levels and help it sustain them so that the muscle size you want can be achieved without much of a hastiness or stress on your mind or very importantly the body.