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Probably one of the major muscle group that people tend to fire up during almost every workout, is that in their midsection. That is reasonable, as aesthetics aside, a strong midsection provide you with a proper body alignment, better balance andhelpsyou alleviate lower back pain.

When it comes to targeting this part of the body (known as the rectus abdominis), the people should know that along their entire midsection they’ll also be getting the upper half involved. By doing that you’re targeting your tummy from every angle to really carve out some definition.
With these seven lower ab exercises presented in this article you’ll tone up—from bottom to top and front to back.
How to do:
Perform these seven moves in a row, with little (even no) rest time in between.
At the end of the circuit, take a 90-second break,
Repeat two more times.
Bear Crawls
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Starting position – on all-fours,
Liftyour knees a few inches off the floor and move your right hand and left foot one step forward
Then move your right foot and left hand one step forward to complete one rep.
Continue walking forward
Repeat for 10 reps.
Note: This move works your entire core, but to really target the deep transverse abdominis you should draw your navel in and maintain a neutral spine.

Image result for Bicycles exercise gif
Starting position -laying on your back, with your feet a few inches off the floor with your hands behind your head, elbows wide
Bringing your right knee in toward your chest, lift your shoulder blade higher off the ground and toward your knee
Straightening your right leg, lower your left shoulder to starting position
Repeat the same on another side
Alternate sides to complete 20 reps total (10 each side).
Note: While doing it lift and rotate your shoulders — not just your neck and head. Your pelvis should be neutral.

Mountain Climbers
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Starting position – a high plank position,
Keeping your body in a straight line bring your right knee in toward your chest
Return to the starting position and immediately bring your left knee to your chest.
Alternate legs to complete 10 reps on each side.
Note: To burn more calories move faster (without wrecking your form).

Dead Bug
Image result for Dead Bug exercise gif
Starting position -laying on your back,lift your legs with knees bent 90 degrees so your shins are parallel to the floor and your arms straight above your chest
Lowering your left arm toward the floor behind you, lower your right foot to just above the floor
Return to starting position and repeat on another side, to complete one rep
Continue alternating, so you do 10 reps.
Tone: Focus on drawing your belly button toward the floor in order to maintain a neutral pelvis and keep your low back in contact with the floor. This is a multitasking move for more of your muscles.

Modified V-Ups
Image result for Modified V-Ups exercise gif
Starting position -sitting down on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and your upper body leaned backward (about 45 degrees from the floor)
Lifting your knees to your chest (shins parallel to the floor) bring arms straight in front of you
Extending your legs straight out, reach with your feet just a few inches off the floor to complete one rep.
Perform 10 reps.
Note: If you want to intensify this exercise, keep your knees straight as you lift your legs,

Forearm Side Plank
Image result for Forearm Side Plank exercise gif
Starting position – side plank, with your forearm on the ground and other hand on your hip
Staggering your feet, lift your hips up so your body is in a straight diagonal line
Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then switch sides.