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Workout to Boost Testosterone, Burn Body Fat and Build Muscles

This workout starts with something nasty right out of the gate to get you moving at a whirlwind pace. Shoot for 800 to 1,500 meters each time and you’ll thank me later.
The row will put your heart rate in your neck real quick and since getting peeled is the name of the game with these workouts. The whole goal here is to shock the body fat right off of you, and starting with something like this is a good way to do it.

We go to 15 wide-grip pull-ups, one of the best upper-body exercises there is. If you can’t do 15 in a row, use a pull-up assisted machine or  try the rest-pause technique.

Next we’re going to test your grip strength real quick by going right into one rep of a legless rope climb. Don’t use any support, don’t cheat and your grip and upper body will be screaming. Going from a seated position to 10-15 feet up is no joke.

After rowing, pull-ups and a rope climb, your upper body will be super tapped. So it’s time to torture the lower body with a high-rep set of squats. Make sure you start light and take each rep deep, like burying it to the floor deep.

Then you get the repeat the madness at a minimum two more times, but if you’re really strong, try three more rounds for a total of four sets.

This workout is guaranteed to whip your ass when you realize just how heavy 95 pounds suddenly feels on squats. The payoff, though, is worth it – so good luck.