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Top 5 Exercises To Build Shoulder Muscles

Focusing on all your muscles is how you get an aesthetic body and that is why the focus in this article will be to build shoulder muscles as they are ignored by a lot, but play an imperative role in how your body looks.

Some people tend to forget to focus on their shoulders, which is very unfortunate because if you build shoulder muscles, it can determine whether your body looks like everyone else or you stand out from the crowd.  

Build shoulder muscles exercises
1st build shoulder muscles exercise – shoulder press with smith machine
The smith machine is great to build shoulder muscles, especially for beginners as you can perform the movements with support. It is also a great way to isolate your shoulders and not using your back as support, because that will defeat the whole purpose of working on your shoulders.
The smith exercise to build shoulder muscles is also great when you want to increase your lifting weight as you can lift without worrying about collapsing.
2nd build shoulder muscles exercise – Standing shoulder press
The standing shoulder press is used by many bodybuilders to build shoulder muscles. You can either use a barbell or dumbbells. What is important to remember with this exercise to build shoulder muscles is to pull your abs all the way in and stand as straight as possible, because you want to avoid having a bending back and thereby avoid injuries.
When you increase your weight with this exercise to build shoulder muscles, it is possible that you can’t stand straight all the time. In this case I will recommend you to invest in a bodybuilding belt as it helps keep you standing straight.
3rd build shoulder muscles exercise – Sitting shoulder press
The sitting shoulder press is another great exercise to build shoulder muscles and the same techniques has to be used as with the standing shoulder press. What I sometimes do with this exercise to build shoulder muscles is to start out with the standing shoulder press and when lifting heavier weights, I choose to sit down and make use of the back support that is provided when using a bench.
4th build shoulder muscles exercise –Lateral raise
The lateral raise is great to build shoulder muscles and you can either choose to do it sitting down or standing up. When increasing the weight with the lateral raise exercise to build shoulder muscles you can choose to give yourself a push with your knees as a slight support.
5th build shoulder muscles exercise –Front raises
You can use this exercise to build shoulder muscles, either with the dumbbells or barbell. Keep Your back straight and with your arms a little less straight take the dumbbells or barbell up.
These 5 exercises to build shoulder muscles are great for making your shoulder and not to forget, your body stand out from the crowd. If performed correctly, the exercises to build shoulder muscles will do wonders for you.