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Top 5 Day A Week Strength Training Plan

Monday- legs

Squat- 4x 10,8,6,6(adding wieght)
Leg Ext- 3x 10-12
Leg Curl- 3x 10-12
Calve raise-3x 8-10
Leg press- 2x 8
Abs- 3x 25
Tuesday- Shoulders

Dumbell Shoulder
press- 3x 8-10(adding weight)
Lat raise- 3x 8(adding weight)
pec-deck fly- 4x 12
Barbell Shrugs-3x 15
Abs- 3x 25
Cardio- 30 min
Wensday- Arms

Standing barbell curls- 4x 8,6,6,4 (adding weight)
Cable curl- 4x 8-12
Incline dumbell curl- 3x 8
concentration curls- 3x 10(pick a weight that you can do no more than 12 but more than 8 and hold at the top for 2 seconds and flex your muscle)

Tricep pressdown- 4x 12(adding weight)
Overhead tricep ext-3x 8-10
Dumbell kickback- 3x 10
Weighted Dips- 3x failure
Abs- 3x 15
Cardio- 30 min
Thursday- rest
Friday- Chest

Barbell bench press- 4x 8,6,4,2(adding weight)
Incline bench press- 3x 10,8,6 (adding weight)
Pec-deck fly- 3x 10
decline bench press- 3x 10,8,6(adding weight)
incline dumbell flys-2x 8
decline dumbell flys-2x 8
Abs- 3x 25
cardio- 30 min
Saturday- Back

Cable rows- 3x 10-12
Lat pull down- 3x 10-12
Dead Lift- 3x 10,8,6
1 arm dumbell rows- 3x 8
Straight arm pull downs- 3x 8-10
abs- 3x 15
cardio- 30 min
Sunday- Rest