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Tighten Your Core in 21 Days With This Plank Challenge

Are you among the many that are dreaming of 6-packs abs, but cannot fulfil your dream because you are struggling with belly shape issues? Do not get disappointed, because there is a solution for your problem and the same is titled as plank. I guess you have heard about this exercise, but you are doubting in its effectiveness because most of the people around you are addicted in crunches.

It is normal to go for crunches when abs workout come a question, because the plank is a static exercise. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of the plank just because we are talking about static exercise. Contrary, the plank involves the work of much more muscles than any other exercise. The focus of the plank is positioned on the upper part of the torso, or more precisely the corset muscles are the one that are extremely extended by this exercise. This talking may make the plank very easy, but be sure that in practice is the other way around. This exercise will make you sweat harder than making hundred crunches. The hardness of this exercise is explained through the tense that these muscles are going while this static workout. This is good for your body, because you will get stronger muscles in a shorter period of time.
The entire workout for your belly abs is consisted of set of exercises that you will need to practice for 21 days, splitting the same into 3 weeks.
First Week
Every day during the first week you will need to practise a plank that should be hold for at least 30 seconds. The last days of the week, when it will get easy for you to hold the position, you may stay in the same for 60 seconds. For better instructions, follow the movements from the picture below.
Second Week
Every day during the second week you will need to practise the same plank as the first week, holding your body for additionally 30 seconds in the position needed.
Third Week
Every day during the third week practice the same plank as in the first and the second week, so that you will add one more minute for holding your body in the position needed. So during the third week you will have to put your body in a plank position and hold the same for 2 minutes or 2 minutes and 30 second.
Do not give up during these 3 weeks of workout and keep your motivation on the highest possible level. If you feel that your motivation is lower than you can boost the same by the many article for inspiration.