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The Wrong Six Pack Abs Workout

What is a good six pack workout?
I don’t know about you but if you are anything like me, I had allot of trouble for years trying to get a good six pack workout!
The one thing I have found that really makes a huge difference in obtaining some six pack abs is INTENSITY IN YOUR WORKOUT…period!

Obviously, there are some other elements that come into a good six pack workout, but for me personally I have found that I started to see the best results when I included high intensity into my workout.
Here are some common mistakes I was making with my workouts
I wasn’t warming up properly, what I mean is I wasn’t getting my heart rate up to a high level. I would cycle maybe run but at a very passive rate. Now, I warm up for ten minutes and it is at a very high impact level of INTENSITY! When you have a good foundation to work from the results will come a lot faster. This is definitely one issue you need to address if you want a good six pack workout!
I wasn’t following a proven plan that WORK’S! I only really use to do a few sit ups and expect to see my abs? What was I thinking? Anyhow, I started to follow a proven plan that consisted of full light weight training over the whole body. Once I started to understand the fundamentals of weight loss around the mid-section I begun to see FAT DROPPING OFF and shape setting in. You must work all muscle groups to gain the best results!
As far as my Diet goes, I would figure that because I was working out I could eat anything I really wanted and it wouldn’t matter…’Wrong again’. Having a good six pack workout is a system of 3 different parts all working together to produce a desired product! Without one of the parts you find it very difficult to achieve your goal.
I soon discovered that because my diet wasn’t changing a lot, my results were very poor. Basically I was putting to much sugar into my diet, too many carbs and poor protein! Now I watch what I eat and have found that I feel 100 times better? The healthy food I am pumping into my body has changed everything. I have more energy for the gym, my thought pattern is sharper and I am happy.
These are some of the major factors in getting a good six pack workout. There is a lot more to it but these facts are the basic picture of what it takes to get 6 pack abs.