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The Best 7 Carbohydrates For Your Muscle Building Diet Plan

As you go about creating a muscle building diet plan to help you pack on more lean muscle mass than ever before, one nutrient that you definitely cannot do without is the carbohydrate.
Carbohydrates are going to be what supplies your body with all the energy that’s required to not only carry out the process of muscle building itself, but also to perform those hard workouts in the gym.
Some people may try to utilize low carb muscle building diets and while they may work for a very select few individuals, about 95% of the population is better off avoiding these. They just don’t supply your body with what it needs to complete the protein synthesis process.
This said, not all carbohydrates are created equally.
If you really want to see the best possible results from your muscle building diet plan then you need to be taking the time to select the best varieties. Let’s have a quick look right now at your top options.

First up on the list of muscle building carbohydrates are oats. Oats really can’t be beat. They’re high in fiber, low in sugar, and will produce a steady energy release that will last for hours.
Now, the thing to remember while on your muscle building diet plan however is that since you are aiming to take in more calories above maintenance, you don’t have room in your stomach for a lot of high-volume foods.

Unfortunately, cooked oats are exactly that. So instead, focus on raw oats. Eat these cold like you would any other cereal or start adding them to your protein shakes for added calories. That will get you the nutrients you need.
Brown Rice

Second on the list of carbs for building muscle mass is brown rice. Brown rice is easy to prepare and works well with just about any meal. It’s also a good source of fiber and will not spike insulin levels quite like regular rice would so you’ll see better overall results because of it.

Aim to eat it with at least three meals each day.
Dried Fruit
Finally, the last muscle building carbohydrate that you should definitely consider adding to your muscle building diet plan is dried fruit. Dried fruit is a bit better in fresh in this case because of the fact it is so calorie dense.

Trying to eat three apples would very likely leave you feeling rather bloated and full, but in a simple handful of dried fruit you can easily get those calories in without worry.
Combine some dried fruit, nuts, and whole grain cereal for a quick trail mix to take wherever you go.
So don’t shun carbohydrates. If you want to see success with your program they must be included but that said, you also need to be adding the right sources.Brown Pasta